Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the latest offering from Mediatonic and published by Devolver, and by the looks of it, it seems like the game will be the next big battle royale-style title to hit PC and consoles.

According to Polygon, the game has been incredibly huge since its launch that the game's servers are having a hard time accommodating the influx of players who want to experience the fun new game, which is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

If you want to try the game out or you've been trying it lately, the ultimate goal is to be the last one standing, and as with any other battle royale game, you'll need a strategy to win.

But First, the Basics

Before anything else, you'll want to accustom yourself with the basics, so all you'll really need to work on is your strategy.

Master Your Jumps

In Fall Guys, you'll really need to master three things: jump, dive, and grab. The goal is to not fall to your death--and the first thing you need to master is the jump since it can either get you in trouble or save you.

You can start playing with either See Saw or Gate Crash as this allows you to practice your jumping, without actually dying and stopping the game. You just respawn on the last checkpoint, allowing you to gauge and master your jumps.

Learn how far you can jump as well as practice how fast you can do it.

In some instances, you'll have to time your jumps without missing a landing or losing your momentum, so practice all of that in various Fall Guys modes.

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Work on Dives

When it comes to diving, the best mode to practice is the Fall Ball, as you'll have to hit a ball into the goal to earn a point for your team. You can easily earn points by diving into the ball headfirst.

Once you are more comfortable diving, you can try the Tail Tag mode where you need to dodge to avoid enemies so they can't grab you.

Why Grabbing Works

The last thing is to grab. You can use it to steal tails or just grab onto someone to avoid losing your momentum and falling down. Some ledges can pull you into higher ground, such as the case in Slime Climb.

Grabbing can be a challenge, especially with the races. However, you can practice your timing in the mode.

There'll be specific modes where you'll have to learn to grab onto things or people, such as in Hoarders or Egg Scramble.

How to Win Matches

In races, timing is everything. So once you feel more at ease with your jumping, diving, and grabbing skills, it's all about the momentum and trying your best to avoid obstacles, which are actually pretty straightforward.

In the mode Block Party, you can either run in the front of the pack to know where the blocks will be or stay in the middle or the back and follow where everybody else is going. But, you'll want to do the opposite in Hex-a-Gone.

However, in team games like Hoarders, cooperation is everything, so follow the leader and never act alone as you'll be an easy target for enemies to corner and divide from your team.

Fall Guys is now available on Steam and PS4.

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