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DrDisRespect is one of the most recognized gaming streamers in the world right now, but who exactly is he? Get to know 'The Doc' below!

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, popularly known as his alter ego "DrDisRespect," is an American internet celebrity creating content for the online gaming platforms that portrays a "macho" persona, immensely popular to fans all around the world.

Beahm is also known as his nicknames being 'DrDisRespect,' 'The Doc,' and 'The Two-Time Champion.' His content focuses mostly on online content streams featuring battle royale shooting games such as H1Z1, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), and the Call of Duty series.

'The Doc' is best known for being eccentric and satiric in his streams, making fans all over the world admire him even more. He also streams a strong personality that aims to be the best gamer in the world. His trademark of portraying a strong, masculine, and "grown man" behavior differs from other gamers who are mostly portraying childish attitudes. ESPN describes the player as a "WWE" character in the online gaming community.

The Loadout highly regards that Beahm utilizes the green screen in his streams, placing himself mostly inside a Lamborghini Diablo's interior as he starts gaming, takes a break, or his outros. Music is also a considerable part of his videos as the streamer often plays loud music combined with adrenaline pumping games.

'The Doc' is also known for creating the "Triple Threat Challenge", a challenge that aims to win different rounds across three different games. Here he invites famous celebrities, streamers alike, and pro-gamers to take part.

DrDisrespect is gathering buzz in his new YouTube debut stream marking his return to the online streaming world after his mysterious Twitch permanent ban that either he or the popular online game streaming platform publicly discusses.

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DrDisRespect: Through the Years

'DrDisRespect,' "Guy," or 'The Doc' is born with the name Herschel Beahm IV on March 10, 1982, in California. The 38-year-old streamer is surprisingly 6'8" with a vertical reach of 38 inches, an exciting fact that ESPN shared.

Legit said that Beahm is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, where he played basketball that even got him into the NCAA Division II.

He occasionally plays video games, and his whole 'Doctor' persona developed way back in 2004 when Xbox's Halo 2 offered him and a couple of other gamers a chance to 'voice chat' in real-time.

2011 allowed him to be a community manager for "Sledgehammer Games" where he rose to be a level designer that ultimately led to his contribution of maps to hit shooter game, "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

Shortly, he joined Justin.Tv, who then changed its name to Twitch. In 2015, he quit Sledgehammer and went on to be a full-time online streamer for the channel.

'The Doc' won two awards in 2017 that stayed true to his nickname 'The Two-Time Champion' in the Esports Industry award as Streamer of the Year and The Game Awards' Trending Gamer. Shortly, DrDisRespect went on hiatus to fix his personal life and relationship with his wife after having a miscarriage of the latter.

2018 marked a new all-time high for 'The Doc' as his Twitch stream comeback reached 388,000 viewers, where he explained his hiatus and personal life.

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DrDisRespect, Twitch, and his future

In March 2020, DrDisRespect signed a multi-million dollar 2-year contract with Twitch that marked a significant milestone in his gaming career. However, just a few months after, 'The Doc' got permanently banned from the streaming platform.

Despite the exclusive contract, 'The Two-Time' did not continue to stream for Twitch. Details about the ban were undisclosed, and fans seem to think that it is purposively being kept out-of-record.

DrDisRespect finally made a comeback after teasing with his Lambo parked in an abandoned gas station. His YouTube subscriber count bumped twice as much from 1.78 million to 2.35 million. In his stream, he opened up about what happened but kept the details in secret. Sponsors of the beloved gamer backed him up in a series of tweets and comments.

Beahm did not release a schedule for his regular online game streaming, but it is noteworthy that he will be using YouTube to continue with his gaming career.

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