COVID-19 pandemic brings a huge impact not only on the health of every nation but also on business and economy. Our normal lives have changed, and some businesses have been affected tremendously, especially the small ones. 

Although some businesses were forced to shut their operations for good, some entrepreneurs found a way to innovate the retailing scene. COVID-19 united two beauty companies, Beauty Matching Engine (BME) and By Terry, to improve and continue to boost the cosmetic industry. They come up with a new digital assistant that delivers a more personalized online experience for customers. 


BME and By Terry Team Up

Founded in 2019 by Nidhima Kohli, BME, is a go-to-tech solution for beauty specific retailers, e-tailers, supermarkets, hairdressers, and brands. It is also known as an innovative white-labeled AI-based personalization engine that predicts and personalizes the product choices customers are more likely to buy. It also offers personalized product recommendations, touching all points of the customers' online shopping journey from up-sells to landing pages.

Terry Gunzburg founded the By Terry.  The CEO had already made her mark in the beauty industry when she invented the iconic Touche Eclat for YSL. In 1998, she decided to launch her own collection of luxury makeup and skincare products specially formulated using the highest quality ingredients and innovative formulas to ensure delivery of professional makeup results and highly effective skincare results women-on-the-go. 

Before COVID-19 arrived, BY TERRY was already acquainted with BME, and there had been discussions of implementing BME onto the BY TERRY website. However, the date had not been set.

COVID becomes a way to make plans happen

Deliveries of goods had become a challenge for every industry. With that, the implementation of BME was accelerated so BY TERRY can deliver a more personalized online experience for customers and increased sales since, during the lockdown of stores.

How does it work?

Beauty Matching Engine allows consumers to submit their information using the 'Digital Beauty Assistant.' This feature contains interactive diagnostic style questions about skin type, skin concerns, hair and body concerns, and product or scent preferences. By getting the necessary information from AI data, BMI can recommend products instantly. It also works passively by observing purchasing and browsing behavior. 

The beauty customer experience has been upgraded because of the real-time proprietary beauty tech solution. This feature enables unique, personalized engagement at each touchpoint on their online shopping journey.

"The BME matches all the customer journey to their skin tone and the beauty specific AI algorithm helps personalize each product landing page and checkout to the customer. This type of high level 360 degree personalization using a beauty specific algorithm is truly unprecedented and truly innovative and forward thinking to help the customer journey'," said Nidhima.  

Amid the pandemic, the challenges did not stop entrepreneurs from innovating the business and services. Tech and beauty unite and work together to find new ways to keep the economy moving, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience by helping them to buy beauty with confidence. 

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