The Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 is coming, and players are getting more excited as the days pass by. We're closer to celebrating the last year and welcoming a new year for the game with a new set Solstice armor and activity tasks.

So, when does the event start, and what can you get this time around? Plus, how exactly does this event work?

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 Guide

According to PCGamer, the Solstice of Heroes 2020 will begin after the Destiny 2 weekly reset happening on Monday, Aug. 11, and will continue for nearly a month until Sept. 8, meaning it will run concurrently with the Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 event.

Speaking of Moments of Triumph, you should own the Season 11 Pass to complete each task and get every reward Bungie will be offering.

Bungie has also announced that this event will be connected to two Triumphs, so you'll have to complete those so your Guardian can earn the coveted MMXX title.

On the other hand, Solstice of Heroes is free for anyone, so you can enjoy the festivities and the tasks and rewards that come with it without purchasing a seasonal pass or anything else--you need to log in on the game when the event starts and keep playing.

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Sneak Peeks and Activities

The event is an anniversary celebration, and because it's a special event for everyone, Bungie typically gives away something for everyone: a set of Solstice armor that players could earn and then upgrade from a basic set to a masterwork majestic set.

Furthermore, the developers tend to offer its players a sneak peek of what is to come.

The European Aerial Zone will also be available, a three-player activity that will make players visit special areas and then earn keys, kill enemies, and track down chests by the end of the event.

Additionally, an elemental buff will be applied to the world each day, including Void, Arc, or Solar.

How to Get and Upgrade the Solstice Armor

But perhaps what gets every Destiny 2 player excited is the Solstice armor, which starts as a rare piece and can be upgraded into a Majestic legendary set and even further into a Magnificent set.

Nevertheless, Bungie does not really announce the questline that will upgrade the piece, but you can expect that there will be some grinding involved, but the developers did say that the final set of objectives for the Magnificent set will be tied to masterworking the gear.

According to the gaming news outlet, the tasks are the following:

  • Complete a Nightfall Ordeal on Master difficulty
  • Complete a run of Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy
  • Complete a Tier 5 Altar of Sorrow for three times
  • Complete a Nightmare Hunt
  • Win seven Trials of Osiris matches

Bungie confirmed that armor would remain relevant until the next Solstice of Heroes event, which means it has the highest Power Level cap that is currently known.

Lastly, there will be event-exclusive items that players could get through Tess and that you can purchase (but it's not mandatory or necessary) unique glows as universal ornaments, which could be bought with either Bright Dust or Silver.

According to a leak, they could cost 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver.

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