Are You Still Scared to Order Your Business Checks Online?
(Photo : Are You Still Scared to Order Your Business Checks Online?)

Does the idea or ordering business checks scare the living daylight out of you? Are you still worried that an online company might lose sensitive data regarding your account details? Is that why you feel comfortable ordering business checks through your bank?

In the 21st-century, ordering checks on the internet is not only secure, but it is much more convenient. Not to mention, there are many perks as well. They serve the same functions that the ones ordered from your bank do, plus there are many other advantages that you are probably not aware of. Online check printing companies can save you money, provide security features, promote your company, and overnight checks for businesses. Here we have explained some of the great reasons why you must consider ordering your business checks online.


Since your biggest fear of ordering checks online is the security of your financial information, let us clarify this first for your satisfaction. Security factors can be a concern is you choose to order business checks from a random company without proper credentials to save on costs. However, most reputable online check printing companies have the same security features as a bank. They use the same encryption protocols for their ordering page where you put in your financial details. A lot of these companies ask their customers to upload a void copy of a business check so that they can cross-check the information. All of these web pages are encrypted the same way as a bank's website. Your financial data gets stored in highly secured servers, and you will be able to find these details in the company's security policy.

When ordering checks from an online website, research a bit about their reputation and reviews. Reputable online companies are certified by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA), which is the same organization that is responsible for the security features of your bank checks. Before you order checks from a company's website, look at their sample checks. You will notice a small padlock sign in your check underneath the box where you put in the amount on numerals. This sign signifies that the check printing company meets the minimum number of security guidelines to be certified by CPSA. Online companies also offer additional security features for an extra cost.


Ordering checks from a bank for business purposes can be quite costly when you consider the accumulative price. Business checks ordered from a bank can cost you between $0.14 to $0.29 for each one. Even though the prices might not seem so high individually, if you consider the number of checks issued by a company in a month or a year, the total cost might astonish you. Ordering them online can cost you as little as $0.02 per check. You may be wondering how the difference in prices is possible. The online companies often use the same printing sources as the banks do. However, they do not have to pay the establishment costs like a bank, which in turn costs you less.

Software Integration

Immaterial of the size of businesses these days, every firm uses accounting software for their financial management. Many of them have integrated features to scan checks and record the data automatically. Some of the software can even print the payment related details on company checks. Unfortunately, business checks issued by most banks do not support these features.

Online companies can customize your business checks any way you want. So you can accommodate design features on these checks to be compatible with your accounting software. Seamless integration of business checks with the accounting software can be highly beneficial for the company, and it's bookkeeping requirements. Online companies can also issue blank checks that can be printed according to your accounting software at your business premises. These blank checks have all the security features integrated with them and often use chemically reactive paper to prevent duplication.


Unlike banks, online companies offer several options to customize your check's designs and features. You can use these designs to promote your brand and make them look much more professional by including your brand's logo on them. You can also introduce a small element of interests related to your brands, such as sports, animals, or music. The design of the checks can also highlight your business or the industry.

Easy to Order

You may feel that ordering checks from your bank would be easier since the bank already has your account related details. Ordering checks online is quite convenient as well, since you need to enter the details only once. The company creates an account for you in their secured servers and stores all your information. You can re-order the checks with the click of a button or a tap on your smartphone.

So as you can see, checks ordered from reputable companies online can not only provide better security features than a bank's checks, they can also have many other features that help with your business needs or act as marketing tools for your brand.

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