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Tech giant CEO Elon Musk teases again, a reference to the clean energy company's new line-up that is set to release a few weeks ahead, in September, in an event known as 'Battery Day.'

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, Inc., will drop two new cars that will refresh the company's current line-up with Elon Musk teasing it in a recent series of 'cryptic' hints the CEO dropped on Twitter.

Teslarati reports on Musk's cryptic tweet being a reference to the 'Plaid Model S' and 'Plaid Model X' that the former being track tested last year at the Nurburging. The new 'Plaid' models are officially unveiled at the up and coming 'Battery Day' on September 22.

Elon Musk's tweets refer to a situational comedy character, Herb Tarlek, best known from the hit late 1970s television show, WKRP in Cincinnati. The character is portrayed to be wearing 'plaid' suits throughout the show.

"One day soon, I will wear this outfit" he added. Maybe the public will get to see the CEO sporting a suit designed with plaid patterns. However, this tweet may also refer to the company's anticipated release of the Tesla 'Plaid Model S' that tested its limits at the Nurburgring in the last year.

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What is 'Plaid'?

A lot of questions arise as to why 'Plaid' is related and even named the car. 'Plaid' pattern on the car's interior is ruled out as Model S's interior has no announcements that it will be touched.

However, Road and Track mentioned that it is a homage to a 1987 Star Wars parody starring Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet, Spaceballs.

A specific part of the movie shows Dark Helmet asking his evil troop forces to follow protagonist Lone Starr's ship that jumped to light speed. He notes that they would not be able to catch up using that, so he asked his crew to engage "Ludicrous Speed" which is two speeds higher than light (Light> Ridiculuous> Ludicrous). As the crew engaged in Ludicrous Speed, a different colored light pattern appeared with Lone Starr's crew saying, "they've gone plaid."

So, 'Plaid' refers to achieving "ludicrous speed" or massive speed that the company and Musk referred to as their new Model S to be.

Plaid Model S and X

To date, there is no information yet about Tesla's new model. However, rumors surface and surround the specifications about the new vehicles. The Model S and X would remain in their platforms as Tesla's flagship sedan and SUV, respectively.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said previously that he will bring the Model S to test track the Nurburgring but instead, brought a similar yet distinguishably different broader model of the car sporting a rear spoiler. The 'Plaid Model S' outsped Porsche Taycan Prototype's lap time by a remarkable 20-second difference.

That specific vehicle sports the 'Plaid Powertrain' and is upgraded to possess a third motor that configures the Torque vectoring technology present to most electric vehicles. This upgrade makes the vehicle track ready and produces massive speeds.

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