COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA - BenQ, global display innovator, unveiled its new line of MOBIUZ gaming monitors on Aug. 10. Expect maximized MOBIUZ immersion--from the 144Hz high refresh rates and 1ms Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT) to image and audio optimizers that put you in the center of the action. 

Why Get MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors 

The features of the new MOBIUZ gaming monitors include BenQ HDRi intelligent optimization, treVolo speakers, innovative gaming-specific display and performance boosts, and proprietary eye-care.

BenQ boasts its new MOBIUZ monitors that are geared for endless immersion as it includes Mobius strip. The first members of the MOBIUZ family are 24.5 "EX2510 and 27" EX2710, and both models come with a sleek design, edge-to-edge IPS panels, and stands built to hide distracting cables and store your controller. The 144Hz 1ms MPRT IPS gaming monitors are best for gamers.

HDRi is powered by a discrete sensor that can assess on-screen content and ambient lighting. It also comes with HDR images that are fine-tuned for stunning clarity and vivid color. BenQ exclusive has technology that balances image brightness. With that, users can still see details in dark regions of the screen without overexposed lighter areas. 

BenQ also improves the auditory experience of its products. Its MOBIUZ speakers, designed by the treVolo audio team, promises rich, full-range scores and subtle sonic cues.

Since many of us are now working-from-home, BenQ aims to improve the best gaming experience. With that, you are allowed to make some adjustments.

Users may choose Light Tuner 20 color settings based on genre or title. Black eQualizer brightens dark corners and shadows, thus, revealing the hidden objects and enemies; Intuitive Scenario Mapping auto-adjusts the preferred settings to their assigned input sources; Lastly, Quick OSD presets and a 5-Way Navigator joystick make the access to the game-enhancements simple and easy.

Aside from the lightning response of FreeSync Premium, MOBIUZ supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technologies--no more motion tearing, lag, and stuttering. Hello, fluid, smooth action. Plus, IPS panels let colors look best and offer wide viewing angles.

One of the causes of eye problems is the computer. With that, BenQ crates MOBIUZ EX2510 and EX2710 gaming monitors with BenQ Eye Care. This feature helps reduces eye strain and fatigue. Both displays are height, tilt, and swivel adjustable and VESA wall mountable. 

"MOBIUZ lets you escape to your favorite game worlds," says Steve Yang, director of BenQ America. "Exclusive performance innovations like HDRi and speakers from our renowned treVolo audio team complement ingenious gaming boosts. Adding BenQ eye-care ensures you get the most of your experience and also defeat eye strain."

BenQ's MOBIUZ EX2510 is now available for $249.99, and EX2710 is available for $299.99.

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