Among the Avengers, Iron Man is the most popular hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And you can finally live out your dreams of blasting the enemies away as the hero in Tony Stark is one of the playable in the Avengers Game.

Aside from the highly weaponized suit, which you can fly with, here are some of Iron Man's abilities in Marvel's Avengers game, just in case you want to suit up in the game.

Iron Man
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According to PC Games, Iron Man's abilities are divided into four skill sets, but this article will enumerate the abilities included in the first and second skill sets. You can learn how to launch each of them here.


Iron Gauntlet (Light attack)

Press square or X to lunge forward and engage enemies in close combat. Press square or X four times quickly to do a combo of Light Attacks to increase the damage on the enemy. The last hit of the combo is a Light Combo Finisher, which wreaks substantial damage and tosses enemies into the air.

Aerial Assault (Aerial Light Attack) 

Press square or X while in mid-air to dash forward and attack enemies. Aerial enemies are vulnerable to follow-up attacks float in place when tackled. Press square or X four times quickly to do a combo of Light Attacks throwing enemies back to the ground.

Thruster Uppercut (Signature Attack)

Hold square or X to perform a thruster uppercut, which can break blocks and toss enemies into the air.

Power Dive (Aerial Signature Attack) 

Hold square or X while in mid-air to dive, slamming enemies down to the ground and stumbling nearby enemies on impact.

Dive Amplifier (Signature Attack Upgrade) 

Increase the impact, damage, and reaction severity for Power Dive as well as increasing the area of effect for Power Dive by 35%.

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Repulsor Shot (Ranged Attack) 

Hold L2 or LT to aim, then press R2 or RT to fire the Repulsors shot. While on-air, press R2 or RT to shoot enemies within the reticle. Attack drains intrinsic Supercharge energy.

Hand Cannon (Heavy Attack) 

Press triangle or Y to auto-target and shoot Repulsor shots at nearby targets, then press triangle or Y four times rapidly to launch combo Heavy Attack series. The last hit is a Heavy Combo Finisher that knocks enemies back by firing a powerful double Repulsor blast.--this drains the Supercharge energy.

Power Blast (Ranged Power Attack) 

Hold L2 or LT to Aim, then press R2 or RT to charge up a powerful Repulsor blast. This drains Supercharge energy while inflicting extra damage.

Iron Man’s Original Sin Outfit Reveal
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Original Sin Iron Man Outfit

Power Pulse (Power Attack) 

Press triangle or Y to auto-target and fire a charged Repulsor shot at nearby enemies. This creates more damage and knocks targets while draining Supercharge energy.

Muon Shotgun (Heavy Sprint Attack) 

Hold triangle or Y while running to auto-target and fire a dual Repulsor blast at nearby enemies, which drains intrinsic Supercharge energy.

Slingshot (Heavy Dodge Attack) 

Press triangle or Y while dodging to do an evasive spin, which fires back-to-back quickly Repulsor blasts towards the targeted enemy while draining Supercharge energy.

Repulsor Strike (Combo Upgrade) 

Press square or X three times and press triangle or Y once to connect the Light Attack combo into a powerful Repulsor Heavy Combo Finisher. This crashes the enemy defenses, knocking combatants and leaving them vulnerable to further attacks, finally draining intrinsic Supercharge energy.

The third skillset includes Laser Beam, Photon Samurai, Laser Scythe, Energy Lance, Whirling Tempest, Magnetron, Burning Edge, and Laser Strike, which are Ranged Attacks to Heavy Attack Upgrade.

Meanwhile, the fourth skill sets involve Micro Rockets, Scorched Earth, Smart Rockets, Javelin, Counterfire, Rocket Strike, which launches between Ranged Attacks and Heavy Attack Upgrade.

Iron Man has numerous abilities. You just need to learn to utilize them properly to maximize the impact.

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