Instacart is one of the most in-demand services today amid pandemic. After all, going out now poses greater risks for you and your family. So why not just deliver your goods? Here's a warning to this service, though. Recently, Instacart has reported that two of its employees gained access to its database with 2,000 customer data. Here's what you should know about the attack.  

Instacart warning: Be careful with your data

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As first reported via ZDNet, the famous grocery pick-up and delivery Instacart was recently breached by its own employees. According to the post, two of the workers from the tech department of the company illegally read info of its exactly 2,180 customers. 

Two employees "may have reviewed more shopper profiles than was necessary in their roles as support agents." 

The company has already sent emails to the supposed victims by warning them about the recent breach. Info like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, driver's license numbers, and thumbnail images of the driver's license were nearly compromised due to the breach. 

Luckily, the two workers were immediately caught before they even copied or downloaded the said info from their database. As the company clarified, no info were taken or compromised during the said attack. 

Instacart boasts that through their 'tools,' they immediately pin the blame on who the hackers were. 

However, this was not the first time this happened. In July, hackers were able to enter to Instacart's system and sell over 200,000 customer data to the dark web. At the time, it was blamed to customers that reuse their passwords on each account. 

What Instacart did after the breach

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Instacart Breach: Your Data on Instacart May be Compromised! Here's What You Should Do

After the incident, Instacart clarified that they have 'zero tolerance' when it comes to the arrested hackers. Thus, they speak to the third-party vendor in their company in order to ask the suspect employees to be removed from their services. 

The company also suspended the third-party vendor to make sure the repercussions were applied due to the crime. 

"Our goal is to ensure each shopper has the related details and is aware of the preventative measures we've since taken to protect the shopper community," said on the Instacart page. 

Some changes coming

To make sure that the breach would never happen again, the grocery delivery company applied a few security changes with their system. 

  • All shopper logins need two-factor authentication

  • Shopper ID verification (by taking a picture) 

  • reCAPTCHA installed

  • Accounts will be automatically logout once closed

  • No device switching (only one device allowed to finish transaction) 

"Maintaining the integrity of our platform is a top priority, and we're committed to ensuring the safety and security of our marketplace for all members of the Instacart community," said on the page. 

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