Matt "NaDeShot" Haag is a Chicago-based former pro-gamer, YouTube content creator, and founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, a world-famous gaming enterprise. The Call of Duty player is a self-made name in eSports who shares his recipe for success from being a student and part-time cashier, to a million-dollar content creator.

No feat is small for the self-made gamer as NaDeShot's career started as an aspiring pro-gamer who joined e-gaming competitions in Halo and Call of Duty. Slowly, NaDeShot made himself known to the scene and attracted professional gaming teams.

From working as a part-time cashier in the fast-food chain, McDonald's, Matt Haag continued his hobby and love for the sport in every spare time he has. Currently, NaDeShot's net worth is at $10 Million, resulting from a self-made career and name, persevering in gaming, and his very own personal lifestyle brand.

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NaDeShot's Career Growth

The young gamer started as a typical teenage kid who loved playing games on PC and the Xbox 360 console. Discovering that he is excellent and skillful, he decided to join gaming competitions. NaDeShot made his name known to the local eSports scene and attracted the likes of Optic Gaming's Hector Rodriguez, a Chicago-based gamer who led Optic.

NaDeShot became the team captain for OpTic Gaming's Call of Duty eSports team from 2011-2015. He brought the group to international fame by winning the Gold Medal for X Games and a world championship for Call of Duty. Matt Haag's monicker "NaDeShot" is a prolific and well-recognized name in shooter based games in eSports up-to-date.

In 2014 Matthew Haag was named the ESports Player of the Year from The Game Awards. Since his debut, he has been making a side career in content creation posting for YouTube and Twitch that generated a close 2 million subscriber count in the former. Haag was also one of the first content creators from the eSports industry to "vlog" about his personal life apart from game content.

NaDeShot's Inspiration

The Juice by Matthew "NaDeShot" Haag is a blogpost the gamer wrote in 2018 that narrates his entry to the scene and how the people around him contributed to his gaming growth. The soft-hearted gamer recounted his close relationship with his parents that contributed significantly to how he grew up and made a career out of gaming.

With NaDeShot's growing interest in eSports and gaming, his mother got more worried about his time spent in front of the computer. His mother pushed him to get a job to know 'how the world works' and keep him away from gaming. His part-time job at McDonald's and the school made him see life from another perspective.

What is NaDeShot's Recipe for Success?

NaDeShot's recipe for success is mainly attributed to the people around him. He gives enormous regard for his upbringing and his parent's patronage that led him to pursue his life's passion and love for gaming.

His YouTube vlog in 2013 also attributes his success to the people who watch his live stream and supports his career as a content creator and pro-gamer.

NaDeShot and 100 Thieves

In 2015, Matt Haag left the pro-gaming industry and decided to focus on content creation on YouTube and Twitch's platform. His success propelled him to start his gaming team and a soon-to-be enterprise, 100 Thieves, in 2017.

Haag is the founder and CEO of the team that branched out to other games such as League of LegendsFortnite, and Valorant. The team won several eSports competitions and made their way to become a premium lifestyle brand.

Matt "NaDeShot" Haag's story is an inspiration to all aspiring gamers who have wishes to pursue their passions and continue despite hindrances and negations. Haag's story is a reminder that following your interests and hobbies pays off despite the challenges in life and circumstances.

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