After being held up since May, Benjie the Bernedoodle and his owner finally got their Instagram account back. And the camera has been rolling again since.

Earlier this year, Andrew Laske's viral account @lilmanlife has been targeted by a cyber attacker after the duo appeared on ABC7. Laske was locked out of Instagram before the account was deleted completely, which made him so restless and vulnerable. 

Since the hacking incident, the duo has been on a cybersecurity awareness campaign. Last month, the Benji and Laske posted shared a photo of them with a thumbs-up sign on the background. The caption reads, "Instagram and won't help will you?"

Then, the couple shared their story. The dog shown in the viral videos is Benjie, a therapy dog in the Children's Hospital who has found a new way to touch a greater audience.

According to the post, the duo has been together for over two years of adventures, but their account has been hacked two months ago and ransom money. Instagram could not recover the hacked account, which had nearly 50,000 followers and two years of adventure. 

"That's not how a big company like this should be run," said Laske, who traveled to San Francisco to Facebook headquarters to find answers about the hack. However, since the company did not resolve the case, they have enabled two-factor authentication to add security for the account as recommended by experts.

Laske and Benjie are building their following within two months, and they now have at least 10,600 new followers with 59 posts while they haven't hit viral status like before, their mission to help others remains the same.

The first post for the new account Laske created shows him with Benjie on his back while he is on rollerblades. The video was taken from a car that drives along with Laske. It now has over 24,000 views since its posting on June 25.

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The rollerblading duo got another viral video

Meanwhile, the duo created a new video that has been picking up the views. Posted on Friday, August 28, Laske can be seen on his rolling blades with Benjie on his back.

It seems that the doggie is enjoying his ride along the beach of California, which is clearly while some users admire the vid, particularly with the backpack he is on. After 19 hours since posting, the video now has over 4,000 views.

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New day, same grind #bladesesh A post shared by  Benji the Bernedoodle (@lilmanlife) on Aug 27, 2020 at 12:52pm PDT

However, an earlier rollerblading video that was posted four days ago got a bigger audience with 15,500 views while the duo was seen on another video while Laske is riding an electric scooter with Bernie on his back, which has 12,500 views.

Other videos are being enjoyed by the duo's followers, including a duo video while skiing, hopping on a rooftop, jet skiing, or showing the duo just playing around. Additional posts had Benji enjoying other high-adrenaline activities, including skiing and off-roading in the desert. Laske said it is crazy to see Benjie comfortable with all of these things. "Maybe in a past life, he was a rockstar," said Laske. 

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