Marvel's Avengers is not really a difficult game. While it seems easy with the single-player story, there is far more to learn behind this game. In this guide, beginners will learn more about the missions, combat tips, attack types to unlock a skill, and some tips to play this game.

Marvel’s Avengers
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Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a new, hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco.

Complete all Hero Challenge Cards

Like other games, Marvel's Avengers has a marketplace, paid currency, and microtransactions, but players do not need to spend anything when each Hero Challenge Cards are completed. These serve as Battle Passes, and each superhero has one pass available. Aside from increasing the rank, completing all daily and weekly challenges also include some rewarding credits.

Completing the entire Hero Challenge Card will provide players with 1,500 credits. This means the player who has completed all six challenge cards will have a total of 9,000 credits. The player can use these credits to save them for future Hero Challenge Cards or purchase outfits and gears from the marketplace.

Give justice to each character

For Avengers, players would get into a point when they need to play all heroes, so they need to play each character like their main hero. While Black Widow and Kamala Khan seem to have the same gameplay, they actually have significant differences. It is better to keep a backup character when needed.

Choose Reassemble

When booting up, players are given options on whether to play Avengers Initiative or Reassemble. The former involves various story-focused multiplayer missions, while the latter is a single-player campaign. Though it may seem fun and challenging to join some co-op, it is much better to go first with Reassemble.

After the Reassemble events, Avengers Initiative happens, so com storylines and missions in the latter will spoil the former. More importantly, Reassemble features some multiplayer missions, which should be completed first before diving into the multiplayer missions.

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Shred off any unwanted gear

Since Marvel's Avengers is all about loot and gear, it will require a lot of resources to upgrade them. However, the items players got can easily be topped up by other gear. Thus, it is not worth investing in all gear pieces because the player will just throw them out later.

When switching gears, players should shred off all those that they no longer need. However, when players gain valuable gear, they can have resources to use in the end game and give them a great leader of the game.

Look for Secret Puzzles

When going into a room or bunker with a chest on the other side, this means there is a puzzle that players need to solve. While these may involve having a correct sequence to step on buttons or terminating activation points behind operating fans, make sure to scan the environment for clues and anything that is bright yellow.

Check the meters

Always check the status of all three Hero skill meters. Once they have filled up, then the character levels up. It is important to check on them to see if the meter is almost filled up, and when it does, then use special abilities to top that up.

We hope this game guide could help these beginners go through the game and experience much fun and excitement as we do.

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