Whoever thought that Sims 4 would go to a galaxy far, far away with the latest game pack addition Star Wars: Journey to Batuu which is said to launch on September 8 for Mac, PC, PS4, and of course, Xbox One.


This brand new game pack will send your Sims, a newcomer in Batuu, the particular planet where the whole Galaxy's Edge Disney theme park is supposedly set, on an adventure where your choices will, later on, determine the entire fate of the whole Black Spire Outpost itself!

Game Guide

You get to pick one out of the three different neighborhoods known as the Resistance, the scoundrels, or the First Order. You'll have to play a few missions in order to earn the trust of the other Sims in the game.

Missions will earn you the Batuu currency which is called Galactic credits.This is new for Sims 4 since the usual currency is simoleons.

The mission's very own aspect is quite similar to Sims' very recent Strangerville challenge, which adds a little more challenging complexities.

It is vital that you keep track of your Sims' reputation, rankings, and also every item that you've been able to unlock under the whole Simology panel.

You will also be able to defect to the other neighborhoods but this in turn will impact your reputation.

The more your Sim commits to a certain cause either to the dark or light side, the more you'll be able to see the changes in Batuu.

Star Wars goodness

Of course you'll be able to explore the brand new Sims wold with your very own lightsaber! It's Star Wars! You'll also be able to bring out your own customized droid sidekick. During your journey, your Sims will be able to interact with many different known characters like Kylo Ren, Hondo, Rey, and even Vi Moradi.

You'll also be able to visit many iconic Star Wars spots just like cantina, the known droid depot, and of course, the Millennium Falcon! The journey towards Batuu definitely adds a brand new Star Wars aspiration.You can get it at an affordable price of $19.99

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How to Play with Your Sims

Oh yeah, you'll be able to create a sim or pick out a character of your choice. Since Batuu is known as a vacation world, you can easily travel towards this world using your Sim's phone. This is just like how you would use the phone to travel to Granite Falls.

The Sims included different Star Wars content prior to the recent Journey to Batuu pack. Fans might have actually noticed either Luke's popular fighter pilot suit, Leia's own white dress, or maybe even Darth Vader's black-cloak get-up that appears as clothing options in the previous versions of The Sims.

Even Baby Yoda made its way to Sims 4 as a statue of The Child available in your catalog for only 504 simoleons.

In order to get the Star Wars game patch, you'll have to check out EA's website on September 8 when the patch will be released. Stay tuned to Tech Times for more information!

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