Tesla, perhaps the biggest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, will be holding the Tesla Battery Day 2020. This event is similar to an Apple iPhone launch, wherein CEO and founder Elon Musk will be introducing the latest technologies they have made to its investors, followed by public presentations. 

Tesla Battery Day 2020 Speculations

According to Forbes, the event will be held on Sept. 22, and that fans are speculating that a few significant announcements will be made.

Typically, the Tesla Battery Day event focuses on electric vehicle batteries and enhancements done to them, so according to some followers of the company, Musk is expected to unveil the so-called Million Mile battery.

As its name suggests, the Million Mile battery can run for a million miles before it runs out of juice.

Since electric vehicles have become popular, some are saying that EVs aren't precisely as sustainable as they were marketed due to misconceptions that their battery lives don't really last long and require frequent recycling.

The battery is manufactured through the collaboration between Tesla and its battery supplier, CATL.

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The Million Mile Battery

According to a previous report by Tech Times, the Tesla battery supplier first announced in June that they are now ready for batteries that will last a million miles, although, at that time, it wasn't specified whether the battery in question was indeed that of Tesla.

In order to create these, they would have to shift away from lithium-ion and rely on lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) battery technology.

For anyone who is not familiar with this technology, it basically signifies that CATL will no longer be using batteries that use cobalt, a rare mineral that makes EV batteries significantly more expensive--therefore affecting the actual price of the vehicles.

With the shift, a Tesla electric vehicle's cost could significantly drop, seeing as the battery itself will be a lot cheaper to produce, affecting the entire EV industry.

Moreover, the shift will also allow these batteries to be a lot more durable.

Nevertheless, the news outlet reports that it is possible that the CATL technology will be focusing on the Chinese market initially and that it may not be used in other markets yet.

From Dry Battery Electrodes to Manufacturing Redesign

Furthermore, Musk and his company acquired Maxwell Technologies back in May 2019 for $218 million, and this acquisition allowed the company to access Maxwell's dry battery electrode technology that improves the production efficiency by a factor of 16.

The technology also lowers manufacturing cost by 20%, which means the Ev manufacturer could be able to create cheaper batteries faster and possibly with greater range sometime in the future.

According to CNET, there are also speculations that Musk will be announcing silicon nanowire anode and that the founder will be sharing what the company will be doing with their Gigafactory in Berlin, which many believe has something to do with manufacturing redesign.

Until the Tesla Battery Day 2020 comes, fans don't really know what Elon Musk will be announced, but it's surely one big day for the company as well as the EV industry, so stay tuned for it.

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