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The most prominent social media platform globally, Facebook, is now facing the heat for its recent controversies and issues that shakes the integrity of the entire company. Stop the Hate for Profit's movement to boycott Instagram for 24-Hours starting tomorrow, September 16, as part of its "Week of Action."

Facebook is facing a massive force and threat to its operations with Stop the Hate for Profit's enduring 'Week of Action" that blasts social media with statements against the social media company. The upcoming online event scheduled for September 16, Wednesday, invites the public to boycott Instagram for 24-hours.

Stop the Hate for Profit condemns Facebook for its incompetence and ignorance during the Kenosha Militia Event that led to several African-Americans' deaths, including Jacob Blake. Kenosha, Wisconsin's call-to-arms movement promoted militia and armed violence, which Facebook failed to stop.

The grueling event ensued for days, with deaths and injuries before Blake's shooting, which Facebook's ignorance allowed the events to unfold. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, issued statements and apologies proven to oppose the actual happenings, particularly the deletion of the event done not by Facebook but by the organizers themselves.

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Celebrities Standing up Against Facebook

The public will be joined by Hollywood celebrities who support Stop the Hate for Profit's cause to boycott Instagram and let Facebook pay for its mistakes and crimes. The solidarity by famous personalities strengthens the movement and rationale that will help the organization with its visions.

Kim Kardashian-West

Mark Ruffalo

  Ashton Kutcher

Sacha Baron-Cohen

  Leonardo DiCaprio

Amy Schumer

  Orlando Bloom

Kate Hudson

  Katy Perry

Demi Lovato

The hate that is constantly being uploaded and posted can’t be ignored anymore. All of the false information being... Posted by Demi Lovato on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The celebrities portray solidarity and support for the statement made by Stop the Hate for Profit, primarily to address the movement against 'Black' hostility and racism. People of Color are the boycott's main focus who are getting harassed, hurt, and killed with the on-going hate.

Stop the Hate for Profit calls on equality and unity to stop Facebook's alleged ignorance of lives in exchange for profit and revenue.

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