Tesla's current construction plans for the upcoming Texas Gigafactory has finally been revealed! This involves the particular massive buildings being visible showing an interesting shape.

Quite shortly after Tesla had finally confirmed a certain site located next to Austin for its upcoming Gigafactory in July, the automaker then started to move much more quickly in order to finish building the gigafactory.

Look at the Tesla factory

A certain contractor quickly took over the whole site and shortly began to start the groundwork in order to clear a huge space for them to be able to start construction on the known 2,000 acre piece of land.

However, it was hard to picture out what exactly the upcoming factory would turn up like without having concrete plans and most of the whole work to date still mainly consists of deep ground preparation.

Tesla's own control plans for the Giga Texas have finally been revealed including the shape of this upcoming factory for the very first time.

The alarming news is that Tesla has actually never really completed the known Gigafactory in Nevada and is currently only about 30% of the whole structure is already up and standing. The plan for the Texas Gigafactory also seems to reveal a huge alley splitting the structure into two.


When will the factory be finished?

The most recent drone flyover of the recent site shows that the car company has already leveled the playing ground for almost the whole planned structure.

Tesla is seen to be using the known Geopier system in order to reinforce the whole ground for the foundations of the gigafactory. According to a report by Electrak, Tesla plans to finish constructing the building by the end of the year and it should be going into production some time May 2021.

Tesla also previously confirmed that they are actually planning a really fair extensive list of different vehicles to be produced at their upcoming Gigafactory in Texas. The cybertruck was announced to be one of the main productions.

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Cybertruck Gigafactory

At this current point, Elon Musk has even been referring to the factory as an actual "Cybertruck Gigafactory" since it is actually going to eb the location where Tesla plans to mass produce the iconic upcoming electric pickup truck.

The automaker has stated that it also has plans to produce both the Model 3 and the Model Y electric cars in this same location in order to supply the demand coming from the East Coast.

Furthermore, Tesla has also recently confirmed that its very own electric semi truck known as the Tesla Semi will also be produced at the upcoming Gigafactory over in Texas. The plans regarding the Tesla gigafactory are still slowly unraveling but no new news regarding the Nevada Gigafactory has been revealed.

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