The Supercharger Network is currently one thing that is arguably maybe one of the biggest strengths of Tesla. This Supercharger Network definitely provides a convenient, rapid, and seamless way for the electric car owners to be able to charge their own vehicles.

This Supercharger Network is actually a service that is sort of rarely matched by other competitors. With Tesla being itself, the world's biggest electric car maker has never really let up in its very own efforts to spread its own chargers across the whole world.

This is also especially notable with the recent introduction of the known V3 Superchargers, which are now capable of charging different vehicles at the very peak rates of about 250kW.

The biggest Supercharger today!

Currently, among the Superchargers, there are actually sites that actually pretty impressive. As noted by Teslarati, the known Kettleman Supercharger has been making headlines due to its powerful 40-stall capacity as well as its impressive lounge.

This is also equally impressive with the known massive 50-stall Supercharger that is located in Shanghai which was previously built during the time when the Model S and the Model X were the only Teslas that were being sold in China.

Now, it sort of appears like another upcoming massive Supercharger is on its way and is currently being constructed. This new Supercharger, from the information given about it, has the actual potential to become even better than Tesla's very own premier charging stations.

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How was the world's largest Supercharger found?

As noted by a certain Tesla enthusiast on Twitter, he stumbled across a particular Supercharging station that is now being constructed somewhere in Firebaugh, California. The site did seem fairly new since even the known trackers just like did not actually list the site until quite recently.


What is quite interesting was that the known Supercharger in question actually had above 50 stalls which could notably make it a bit bigger than the previous Kettleman site, which is currently one of the largest in the whole world.

It also did not take a long while before another fellow Tesla enthusiast, who literally tracks certain updates to the whole Supercharger Network, was finally able to retrieve fillings for the known Firebaugh site. As it finally turned out, the upcoming site will be capable of hosting about 56 Superchargers in total and will also be in the very same vicinity as another full-fledged restaurant as well as a convenience store.

These particular findings were outlined in certain filings that were submitted for the site. One of them was filed with the known County of Fresno's Department of Public Works and Planning. The filing noted a total of 56 Tesla EV charging specs that will be provided and that 2 of them will actually be ADA accessible according to the filed report.

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