Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk often takes it to social media to express his random thoughts and just recently, the tech CEO tweeted something hard to miss. Elon Musk recently tweeted that "your Tesla" is the "Fallout Shelter". He then continues his tweet by urging people to "tap the entertainment button".

The tweet received many mixed reactions but a particular reaction from @ToniPoney asked the musk if he was getting people "ready for the apocalypse". The tweet then ended by calling Musk a "sly dog".


Tesla's take on the future

Elon Musk is designing Tesla cars to become even more self reliant. With the current technology focusing on the installation of solar roofs, it seems like Elon Musk wants to create cars that would be able to run forever.

Although the technology has not been released to the mainstream public, it is very promising. With the use of solar powered cars that generate their energy through the roof, the electric vehicles would be able to run while charging at the same time.

Solar powered Tesla Model 3

Just recently, a particular Tesla Model 3 has actually been modified and had a solar roof installed as part of the company Lightyear's own solar car development program.

This startup was able to catch public attention due to coming out from the Solar Team Eindhoven, which is a group of engineering students coming from the particular Technical University of Eindhoven located in Netherlands.

These students have been known to be competing in the known World Solar Challenge along with their very own Stella and also the Stella Lux, their take on energy positive solar cars. This means that they are actually capable of producing more energy than they actually consume.

After its previous success in the previous competition, they have actually decided to turn their experience in building solar cars for the competitive race into a startup that is focused on building solar cars for their customers.

Although solar cars are a thing of the future, they currently aren't being mass produced yet. However, it seems like it is Tesla's priority to be able to later on focus on the production of solar cars should the technology finally be refined.

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Are solar powered cars efficient enough?

According to an article on Quartz, installing solar panels to cars is currently inefficient. Apparently, the amount of energy that the car is able to generate is not good enough to cover the material costs of installing the solar panels.

In order to make this a viable installation, the price of these solar panels have to be reduced and the amount of electricity that the solar panels generate have to increase as well. This could possibly be the reason why Tesla hasn't been installing solar panels just yet.

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