Forget Selfie Stick, Meet Belfie Stick: Gadget Designed for Back Side Selfies


With more and more people becoming all about that bass, selfies of perfectly toned backsides are becoming more popular than traditional face selfies. However, getting that perfect shot of your butt can be a bit tricky - finding a good sized mirror and twisting your body into the right angle for that ideal shot can be a yoga class in itself.

Worry no more! One innovative company has the answer to your butt selfie woes. Introducing the Belfie! The first ever selfie stick especially designed for all your backside selfie needs.

Although Instagram queen, Kim Kardashian is credited with coining the term belfie, Jen Selter is said to have taken butt photography skills to the next level. The company behind the Belfie Stick hopes to help more people perfect the art of the "advanced level of selfie." 

And who better to help you with your belfies than the same company that promotes selfies through their online photo and selfie based networking site,

"We've noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one," said's chief technology officer, Kevin Deegan.

The belfie stick, unlike any ordinary selfie stick, is made of titanium steel and has built-in bluetooth. So all you need to do to snap your ultimate belfie is to angle the stick at the joint and press a button which syncs the stick to your smartphone. Upload, and enjoy the likes and comments of your belfie!

According to reports, belfies taken with the bendable stick look very casual, like the user is merely looking over their shoulder, rather than holding their smartphone at odd angles in a mirror.

Although the Belfie Stick is currently out of stock on the developer's website with an announcement that you can pre-order one of your very own for $79.99.

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