A newer and smaller projector has just recently launched, and it's supposedly able to help you play videos or music just about anywhere. The Lenso cube 1080P pocket projector is said to be sold at about $247.99, which is reportedly a 69% saving starting from Sep. 18 to 20.

Mashable's article introduces this interesting tiny projector to the world, saying that if you actually want to invest in a brand new fun way to upgrade your viewing experience as winter is fast coming, a projector is a good option.


What do we know about the projector?

So far, the projector is obviously small and is said to maybe fit in a small bag, pouch, palm of your hand, and even your pocket (although it may bulge just a little bit). The design is also very efficient and hard to associate with a regular projector you most often see every once in a while.

The projector is said to be able to play up to 20 hours of music. This is just for the music side. Basically, it can also work as a speaker that can run for about 20 hours. However, on the video side, the Lenso cube 1080P pocket projector can only play up to two hours without being plugged. This is only equivalent to about a single movie.

The pocket projector can show and project HD videos on most of the indoor and outdoor walls. It can also be easily connected to your device via bluetooth or even through your WiFi. You could also connect to this device by using a USB or even a WiFi.

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The tiny projector can fit almost anywhere

The device about this is that it's only about 2 inches, making it the perfect projector to bring around at a friend's house or maybe in the bathroom or other places you want to watch your videos without having a screen.

The good thing about this small device is that it is also easy to plug into a powerbank making the two hours of video streaming not too bad once attached. Don't worry as you won't have a hard time getting this device to charge.

The portability of this device, along with maybe a powerbank, makes it pretty ideal for bringing around anywhere you go just in case you might want to watch something on a bigger screen at various places.

According to Mashable, if you order the device from about September 18 all the way to September 20, you will then be able to get another extra 20% off of the sale price, which is $309.99. With using the code VIPSALE20, you'll only have to pay (as mentioned earlier) $247.99.

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