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A world-famous video game, Fortnite, collaborates with one of the world's most recognized South Korean K-Pop group, BTS, with a new map called 'BTS Dynamite Map' in the game's creative mode, featuring several the elements present in the music video, including the 'DISCO' facade. Fortnite's Party Royale would also feature the hit new song from the boy group from South Korea.

Epic Games' Fortnite is known to have some sick collaborations that attract both fanbases of Fortnite and other entertainment companies such as Marvel, DC, John Wick, the National Football League (NFL), Star Wars, along with music icons Marshmello and Major Lazer.

Now, Fortnite welcomes a new music icon that will surely excite the entire fanbase and even the world. Epic Games includes BTS to the game with a new map for the 'Creative Mode' from the boy group's recently released 'Dynamite' music video.

When people think Fortnite can't get any better with the current Marvel-themed map, challenges, and avatars, the video game welcomes a new entertainment giant that the whole world talks about. Debuting in 2013, BTS, or the Bangtan Boys is a boyband group in South Korea that gathered a huge fanbase and saw its worldwide success.

BTS is famously known for its songs 'FAKE LOVE,' 'Blood, Sweat and Tears,' and the newly-released, 'Dynamite,' which already has 390 million views after a month of its premiere. BTS is under Big Hit Entertainment label that manages the group and publicizes its music on YouTube.

Fortnite BTS Dynamite Map: How to Play
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Fortnite, along with map creators SundayCW, Trey Thompson, and YU7A_16, proudly releases its 'BTS Dynamite' Map for users to explore and even accomplish challenges in Creative Mode. In this mode, users won't need to kill-off each other and compete for the number one spot.

How to Access Fortnite's BTS Dynamite Map

  • Launch Fortnite.
  • Head to Creative Mode, Launch Creative Mode, Load, and Choose 'Create'
  • Head on above the staircase and interact with the portal to change locations.
  • Enter BTS Dynamite Code Map: 0272-4337-3889
  • Head on towards the portal to jump and see the unique map dedicated to BTS

Launching the map for 'BTS Dynamite' is relatively easy and straightforward to do. From here, users can roam around freely and explore the map specially created for BTS' world, as seen in the music video. Several landmarks can be found, including the big 'DISCO' sign where the South Korean boyband stood and sang their hit song.

BTS Dynamite Map Challenges

The developers and Fortnite did not stop with the map's creation and decided to spice things up for players to enjoy. BTS Dynamite map features several challenges that players can immediately access and perform.

HoverBoard Racing

(Photo : SundayCW via YouTube Screenshot)

  • The Basics Race to hone the skills with the hoverboard
  • Speed Race for using the turbo and jump through obstacles
  • Reverse that goes around the track opposite of the start
  • Dynamite, the special course with bumpers that shoots users into the sky.

Aqua Race

  • The Aqua Race, an obstacle-swimming course in the harbor set for 70 seconds.

Disco Building Challenge

(Photo : SundayCW via YouTube Screenshot)

  • The map also hides a challenge in the Disco building where a BTS Trivia challenge will test users' knowledge of the boyband.

Donut Shop

(Photo : SundayCW via YouTube Screenshot)

  • Deliver Donuts and Dynamite aboard a 4x4 ATV in less than 2 minutes

CD Shop

(Photo : SundayCW via YouTube Screenshot)

  • Sweet Music Disco Shop Challenge requires users to find clues among the CD collections and enter the code to win.

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