The price of Microsoft's first-ever 1TB expandable storage drive, for the Xbox Series X or S, was finally released. Best Buy is now taking pre-orders for the game accessory, giving it a final price of $219.99.

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The expandable storage card could fit into the rear of both the Xbox Series S or X, matching the internal SSD's speed, as well as providing a booming 1TB of extra memory. Currently, Seagate is the only one manufacturing it, making Microsoft's console storage solution proprietary.

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However, the company claimed that more suppliers would make expandable cards in the future. It also stated that it could have additional sizes.

The high price could still surprise many potential next-gen Xbox owners. Right now, the Xbox Series X ships with 1TB of SSD storage. However, the Xbox Series S, which is 512GB, doesn't have one.

This means that owners want to have additional storage for their $299 Series S and bring it up to 1.5TB, they'll have to pay a total price of $520. It could make the Xbox Series X more appealing to the customers since it already has an expandable storage card.

The alternative you could use to replace the expensive game storage

The expandable storage is quite expensive. You could still increase your console's memory without the need to buy Microsoft's new product. 

Owners could use any USB drive to save their games when they don't play them, allowing them to save space in their consoles. If your games are not enhanced for Xbox Series S or X, you can still run them directly from USB storage or copy them using other drives. 

Since there are not enough PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs comparable to Microsoft's new storage card, the high price is difficult to judge. For example, although Sony allowed players to use their own drives in their PS5s, the USBs should meet the console's internal SSD speed requirement.   

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