Tesla's Elon Musk is oftentimes proud of the company's success and this includes providing a customization option for buyers of the Model S. Tesla has a very unique approach towards manufacturing where they like to focus on creating a smaller quantity of good quality models instead of releasing a new model which they aren't completely sold out for.

Customizable Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S has its own customization option and while sharing it online, Elon Musk stated that the actual only thing that goes beyond ludicrous is having the car designed in Plaid. Wait, is this possible? The new customization feature does not really talk about the exterior design of the car but rather the interior functionality of the car.

Although it would be nice if Tesla tailored every single vehicle in order to fit the client's specifications, sadly, it still does not do this. Tesla is still producing the Model S in standard designs and standard color but if you really want to design it yourself, why not?

Tesla's approach to manufacturing

A known fact about Tesla or Elon Musk in general is that he is oftentimes more concerned with the functionality of the cars as opposed to the designs of them. This is evident in the Tesla Cybertruck which received mixed reviews when it was first shown to the public.

Although at first there were a lot of negative comments about the Tesla Cybertruck, later on, people started to realize the wisdom and efficiency of its design. Due to its geometric shape, it will be easier to manufacture and scale resulting in a much cheaper truck. The truck itself also contains a huge loading space which should be useful for those who are into trucks for practical reasons.

The Tesla Model S is one of Tesla's models today. A recent tweet even revealed that the Tesla Model S' current specs are actually close to those of the initial plans for the Roadster. Of course, certain alterations will be made to the Roadster making it better than the Model S but currently, it is still in its planning phase.

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What Tesla contributed to the electric vehicle industry

Although electric cars have existed for quite some time now, it was not until Tesla that they were able to be scaled to such a high quantity even becoming the top-selling car in California! The Tesla Model 3 was easily the best selling car even beating conventional petrol and diesel cars. This was the first time that an electric car was actually able to beat conventional cars!

Elon Musk used to be into the regular sportscars before he made Tesla. In fact, he even previously crashed his uninsured Mclaren F1 quite shortly after purchasing it. Although most people would be bummed out, Elon Musk seems to be doing fine driving electric cars as of the moment.

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