Tesla has recently acquired more land over in Austin Texas for their future expansions. Wait, could this be a potential battery factory coming up soon? After a few months of going through the whole process in order to secure the approval needed from the local government, Tesla has finally announced back in July that it has been able to select a site located outside Austin as their preferred choice to build the company's upcoming next Gigafactory located in the US.

Tesla's acquisition of land

The land that Tesla recently purchased is a 2,000-acre land which will be Tesla's biggest property until this date. This also offers some of the great potential for bigger expansions. Yet, we actually now know that Tesla is already adding more properties located near this site.

Tesla's very own Statesman has reported that the automaker has acquired an additional 381-acre piece of land just next to the current construction site of the Gigafactory. It was stated that the electric vehicle assembly plant located in the southeastern Travis County is currently continuing at full speed with the whole development process. Tesla is said to have purchased about 381 acres that is located just adjacent to the existing 2,100-acre site located at the Harold Green Road and also Texas 130 according to the deed records.

Tesla's very own total property

The brand-new piece of land has not only increased Tesla's very own total property, but it has also added multiple points of access coming from existing roads towards the whole factory site. Tesla has also been reportedly looking for other piece of land located nearby. It was stated that Tesla is pursuing more land purchases located in Southeast Austin along the known Texas 130 corridor. This information was given by the local real estate developers.

The upcoming Tesla Gigafactory Texas is now expected to actually be much more than just an electric vehicle production facility. On top of the popular electric vehicle production, Elon Musk actually surprised everyone when he stated that the entire Tesla Gigafactory Austin will become a whole "ecological paradise" that will be open to the public.

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Elon Musk's plans!

Elon Musk even mentioned upcoming hiking and biking trails, boardwalks, and other possible attractions. With the recent announcement of Tesla's upcoming battery plans, the automaker is currently expected to be deploying an upcoming battery cell manufacturing capacity within the factory itself.

Furthermore, Tesla already has a particular chip and Autopilot hardware team that are currently based in Austin, Texas and just recently, it was reported that Tesla also wants to build a brand-new video game as well as user interface team located in Austin, Texas. It is currently still unclear as to if Tesla's upcoming plans to move their planned operations towards the Gigafactory upon its long-awaited grand opening.

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