Elon Musk's latest edition to his belt of companies aside from Neuralink is actually his upcoming Starlink which currently works close with SpaceX as the satellites are still being launched into space but someday, it is reported that it will be a completely standalone company. The IPO could also come a couple of years later.

Elon Musk explained that he has a preference of investors when it comes to Starlink saying that they will be giving small retail investors top priority as the public market does not like experiencing erratic cash flow. This is an exciting new approach to the up and coming satellite-internet company.


The global need for a better internet connection

Starlink's close work with SpaceX has brought quite the expectation for one of Elon Musk's latest companies to be able to perform properly should the time come that it becomes public. Starlink was also created with not just a noble goal but also a very high-potential profitability.

If Starlink is able to expand globally and provide a cheaper and more reliable internet across the globe, especially in the Philippines where they reportedly have the most expensive internet connection in Asia which is still unstable and also unreliable, they will be able to monetize on the happy consumers that would choose to connect to their more reliable and more affordable satellite internet connection.

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What needs to be done in order to provide better internet connection

There are also other places not just around the world but also in the United States that are experiencing problems with their internet connection as well. The satellite internet connection that Starlink will eventually roll out in the future once they have completed sending 14,000 satellites into space will be able to cover a huge range if not all of Earth in order to provide that service.

Elon Musk's Starlink was initially thought by some to be a certain project under SpaceX but it seems like the billionaire has bigger plans for this company that would focus on providing stable satellite-based internet connection. Although SpaceX has a very huge contribution to Starlink, it has not been revealed if SpaceX owns a part of Starlink or how does Starlink function and who are the people behind it.

It can still be a bit confusing for some as of the moment because Starlink has not yet gone public and is still in the beta phase process trying to make sure that the service they provide is spot on. Currently, the only thing in between Starlink and its supposed success is the lack of additional satellites in the sky in order to fully scale up the worldwide satellite broadband.

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