Funko Pop has been making headlines for selling their limited edition pop-culture figurines for as high as $13,000! The pop-culture heavy "toy" company has been able to survive despite the struggling industry due to its heavy roots in some of the most popular figurines.

In fact, Funko Pop has become one of the most desired purchases nowadays for movie and video game enthusiasts as some of them have shelves full of these Funko Pop figurines. It's nice to see how the company has been consistently making great figurines and just recently, they have announced yet another one!

Funko pop releases new collectibles: Here's how to get them

Funko Pop is releasing an upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn collection composed of both the Aloy in Shadow Stalward Armore and the known Thunderjaw. Both of these figurines are still on their way and if you want to get one for yourself, all you have to do is pre-order.

The pre-ordering link that was announced directing to Gamestop currently does not work but do not worry, there are still other ways of getting one yourself. You can buy these collectibles by clicking this link for the Aloy in Shadow Stalwart Armor and this link for the Thunderjaw. Although Gamestop should have been the original place to pre-order this collectible, the link does not work and there has not yet been an announcement as to why.

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Funko Pop's importance in today's pop culture

The importance of Funko Pop in popular culture is the preservation of the physical embodiment of some of the coolest video game and movie or series memorabilia. The collectible items are oftentimes put on display to show people that "Hey! I've got a rare collection of (insert your favorite character from your favorite movie or game)!"

Although Funko Pop has not been that busy as of lately, two new refreshing models could turn this completely upside down and shoot them back to where they are. Although these models are new, they are still very much in demand and shortly after pre-orders, the prices would possibly go all the way up.

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How to sell a Funko Pop

The thing about Funko Pops is that they have become very popular as a collectors item while some only want to collect a few pieces, others are actually trying to collect everything. If you are able to pre-order the Funko Pop and decide to sell it later on when the demand arises, well, you might even be able to make a decent amount of profit from selling it!

The key to selling a Funko Pop is timing. Do not sell when there is still a huge amount of supply, sell your Funko Pop when there is a really small supply and you happen to have some of the rare ones.

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