The self-established American make-up artist and cosmetics company founder, Jeffree Star, is now offering to pay Twitter fans and the public's pandemic bills, during this time of need, through #JeffreeStarByeBills hashtag and Cash App fund transfer. The popular YouTuber and Social Media Influencer aims to provide assistance to those who are experiencing hardships in paying their bills during this pandemic.

Famous YouTuber and Influencer, Jeffree Star, is known for his line of cosmetics that gives the user an array of colorful pallete for the skin. Jeffree Star is also known for his dramatic YouTube persona that reviews several beauty products that most subscribers find very helpful in the community.

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On recent news, Jeffree Star is aiming to help the public through Cash App payments, particularly, on their bills during the hard times brought by the Novel Coronavirus, that has been plaguing the world for several months now. The influencer brought the 'crowdsourcing' for possible beneficiaries on Twitter, through the hashtag #JeffreeStarByeBills.

  The generous acts of the influencer gathered many Twitter fans, users, and the public, asking for help from Star and his charitable announcement on the short word social media platform. In spite of the influencer facing hate and criticisms on social media, people are clamoring and asking for assistance from Star.

The public are now sharing the hashtag and engaging with the tweet, which caused a massive trend on Twitter. Jeffree Star's tweet and hashtag is the number one trend for the country today, with more than 58 thousand engagements on Twitter.

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Jeffree Star's Bye Bills: Pandemic's Call for Help

The pandemic rendered many people, including single parents, the elderly, and the less fortunate to lose more through the world and country's lockdown. Several people are also forced out of employment due to the economic downfall and industry decline.



  The pandemic took a toll on the world and some are left without any means of livelihood to support their daily lives. #JeffreeStarByeBills is now offering to aid those in horrendous situations and little by little, help those in need. Jeffree Star aims to help people via the Cash App, a mobile service payment application by Square, Inc.

Twitter's Reaction to Jeffree Star's Charitable Act

Several users used the hashtag #JeffreeStarByeBills to convey their opinion and take with regards to the online charity donation drive. Twitter users argue that a majority of people are 'cancelling' the social media influencer before the bills payment act, but are now asking him for help.

Jeffree Star did not mind the criticisms and shade thrown at him, and still decides to go forth with extending help to those in need. Currently the tweet gained 38 thousand likes with almost 10 thousand retweets (quote tweets included).

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