Neymar Jr.
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Hobbies can turn lifestyle into a career and Neymar Jr. proves this through his latest Twitch stream which proved his superiority in the game by having consecutive kills against the enemy team with pistol headshots that gave way to winning the game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The football player spends most of his time doing Twitch streams after the absence of league games for soccer.

The Left Winger for Paris Saint-Germain now spends his time creating massively popular Twitch gaming streams that centers on the first-person shooting favorite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO. Neymar Jr. was known to have skills in his gaming hobby that earned him considerable followings and fanbase.

The Brazilian football player is famous for his game-winning goals and athletic physique that makes him a force to reckon with in international football. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, more commonly known as Neymar Jr., plays for one of the most prestigious French football team, Paris Saint-Germain, under the premiere Ligue 1.

Neymar Jr.'s Twitch has a massive 422 thousand subscribers and followers that tune in to his famous streams that average two hours or more. Recently, Neymar Jr. plays world-famous games with CS: GO and the hit mafia-style game from Innersloth, Among Us.

The football player has no regular schedule, as gaming is still his hobby and football as his career. However, recently, due to game cancellations and restrictions brought by the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, the player-slash-gamer now has more time in producing Twitch streams.

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Neymar Jr.'s Impressive Pistol Headshots in CS: GO

Neymar Jr.'s recently concluded Twitch stream nine hours ago featured the game CS: GO played amongst his peers. At one point, Neymar Jr.'s stream showed the now-famous pistol headshots against the 'Terrorist' forces team that paved the way for the round's win.

  Twitter's B/R Gaming (@BRGaming) recently posted a clip of Neymar Jr.'s stream which focused on the game-winning pistol headshots that won the game. The football player did not use the 'zoom' or targetting metal built above the guns. The clip shows the gamer's five-consecutive headshot kills, which opened the way to diffuse the bomb planted by the 'Terrorist' forces. Neymar Jr.'s team won the round because of the skills the football player has with the pistol.

Twitter's Reactions

The clip gained various mixed reactions from Twitter users, with some praising the football player for his skills and some saying that it is not that impressive.RyRy (@ThaBoy916) said that B/R Gaming was only hyping up Neymar Jr., that is why he is receiving praise and recognition.

  Another Twitter user said that he could take Neymar Jr. on a 1v1 match. However, fans of the football player praise him by posting a GIF that shows the famous assassin and gun master, the fictional John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves.

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