The new head of the United Kingdom's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) M16 has announced a possible job offer inside the agency through the official Twitter account. He said that he will try to persuade his Twitter followers to apply for vacant positions in the department. Is he looking for the next '007' James Bond?

Is M16 looking for James Bond?

UK's Secret Service Head to Hire Next Real-Life 'James Bond' on Twitter
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In this undated handout photo from Eon Productions, actor Daniel Craig poses as James Bond. Craig was unveiled as legendary British secret agent James Bond 007 in the 21st Bond film Casino Royale, at HMS President, St Katharine's Way on October 14, 2005 in London, England.

If you are a fan of the fictional popular, secret agent James Bond, here's a job offer that may take you closest to the fictional character.

As written in movies and books, the U.K.'s secret service agency called M16 was the inspiration behind Sir Ian Flemming's James Bond character wherein he works as the M16 head pose as a charismatic skillful secret agent.

In real-life, the newly-appointed M16 head is the former British Ambassador to Turkey, Richard Moore. On Thursday, Oct. 1, his official first day on the job turned into a trending content over his emoji-full tweet on his personal account.

Daily Mail UK reported that Moore was the first M16 official who posted something on their personal social media pages.

According to his tweets, Moore was 'proud' for his first day as the head of M16 on his verified Twitter account. What makes his tweets more interesting was when he mentioned looking for someone to be part of M16 among his followers.

Proud day today. First, as 'C.' Feel immensely privileged to lead such talented and committed public servants who work tirelessly to secure our interests and values abroad and keep us safe at home. There are limits to what I can say on Twitter. 

Unfortunately, the special job offer for James Bond fans is not meant for secret agents. Though Moore did not clarify the vacancy, he said that "Bond or Smiley need not apply" on his tweets, indicating no special agents hiring for today. 

Is the job offer real?

UK's Secret Service Head to Hire Next Real-Life 'James Bond' on Twitter
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A Secret Service agent mans his post before U.S. President George W. Bush's speech June 21, 2002 at the Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex in Orlando, Florida. Bush traveled to central Florida to promote senior fitness as a part of his new fitness campaign.

The Guardian explains Moore's tweets are meant to soften the image of M16 to people. The application itself may also be real since the ex-M16 head Alex Younger mentioned in 2017 that the agency was looking for potential recruits all over the country. 

"Simply, we have to attract the best of modern Britain. Every community from every part of Britain should feel they have what it takes, no matter what their background or status. We have to stop people selecting themselves out," said Younger. 

Want to try-out as the next James Bond?

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