Developed by Motive Studios, Star Wars: Squadrons is set after the Jedi Return in the Star Wars universe. It is a space combat game published by Electronic Arts.

Navigate various categories, master the art of starfighting, and become an ace Star Wars: Squadrons pilot. The game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Steam on Oct. 2. You can also avail the newly released game through the Epic store.

Star Wars: Squadrons Boost Drift is a powerful technique that will give you a great edge in combat as well as greater mobility for your ship. In this guide, you will learn when and how to Boost Drift in any ship.

Star Wars: Squadrons How to Boost Drift

Boost Drifting is one of the most important mobility-based skills of a Squadrons pilot, which allows you to turn on a dime, reposition yourself quickly, or attack a tailing enemy. While a Squadrons' ship can Boost Drift, executing it may seem like a mystery for beginners. Following is the process on how to Boost Drift:

  • Tap left on your D-Pad to transfer maximum power to your engines. You can only boost with maxed out engines.
  • Press the left thumbstick to start Boosting in a direction. Then, click on the speed gauge in your cockpit to slow down the consumption of your Boost charge.
  • When Boosting, press and hold the left thumbstick while moving to where you want to turn the ship.

When to Boost Drift

Boost Drifting is significant because it reveals a wider range of moves than when you are not drifting. This is why important to learn the skill. But when and why would you do a Boost Drift?

While there are many reasons to use this skill, the primary reason for Boost Drifting is to counterattack an enemy that pursues your ship. It would let you work out more accurate movements using any ship.

As everyone is still learning the game's hang in this early stage, not many players will expect a ship to turn on a dime then shoot back quickly. Thus, Boost Drifting is a highly powerful and significant skill to master.

Also, it would let you alter headings easily and fly to another area on the battlefield. You can follow up your boost drift with another boost but check your Boost meter first if you still have enough charge. This will give you a sudden burst of speed in a different direction.

You can also do Boost Drifting and turn 180 degrees to fire at an incoming missile if you are fast enough. This can work perfectly as a backup plan if you run out of counter attacks.

Overall, Boost Drifting increases your mobility so that Squadrons will have immediate and powerful advantages in the gameplay. These are all you need to know about Star Wars: Squadrons.

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