If you have been at Kettleman City Supercharger station in California, you may have seen a bunch of stray cats roaming around the area. At least 60 cats are reportedly living in the charging station for quite some time now, and Tesla owners are now looking to provide funding for them. Here's how to donate for the 'Supercharger cats.' 

Go to 'GoFundMe' and look for Tesla's 'Supercharger cats' 

Around 60 stray cats living in Kettleman City Supercharger will soon be having their 'spay and neuter' veterinary procedure, according to Teslarati

Tesla owners are now unifying in one to donate money to Animal Control groups in California, as part of the mission to help spay and neuter a group of kittens who are called the 'Supercharger cats,' or the 'Kettleman cats.' 

The Kettleman City Supercharger facility is one of the biggest full-service charging station in the area and a very familiar place to all Tesla owners. 

If you're a Tesla owner and wants to charge in Kettleman City, the first thing you will notice there is not the facility itself, but the groups of stray cats in the building. 

Others may find irritating is also one reason why Tesla owners choose the charging station facility. In an interview, some vehicle owners said they purposely do the charging in Kettleman to see and pet those adorable cats. 

"I gotta take a peak," said Tesla owner Eddie Serrano to Fox News Affiliate KMPH"It's always a great excuse to come check out some kitties, charge up the car. I just got two kittens myself, so I was like, you know, I felt like a cat Dad. I wanted to see the little kitties." 

What is 'Neuter and Spay' for animals?

Though the 'Supercharger cats' seemed to be adorable, their population has increased at a quite alarming rate for the charging station to handle. 

To make sure this won't be a problem anymore, a fundraiser named Mandy Kate created a GoFundMe page dedicated specifically to the cats' 'spay and neuter' process. 

Spaying and neutering is a common and important veterinary process that removes certain reproductive organs from the cats. This process is made in order to make sure to prevent the overpopulation of animals in an area. 

All the GoFundMe page funding will be distributed to the Animal Services of California to take care of the stray cats. Surprisingly, the page has now surpassed its target goal of $3,600 and went to over $5,000, as of Sunday, Oct. 4.

Go here to donate for the Supercharger cats. 

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