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Woman 'Drowning In Poo' After Botched Surgery: Here's What's Happening And How To Help

Kelly Yeoman, a 34-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, is currently 'drowning in poo' after a surgeon accidentally damaged her bowel. Medical staff have been draining the toxic waste from her body daily to prevent her from suffocating.

Medicine November 27, 2017

Man Playing ‘Fallout 4’ Hit By Car, Says His Special Gaming Chair Saved His Life

A man thanks the chair he plays in for keeping him from being run over by a car right in his living room. The car crash turned his living room into a wasteland.

Video Games December 19, 2015

GoFundMe Campaign Raises Donations In The Aftermath Of San Bernardino Shooting

Authorities in San Bernardino, Calif. opened a crowdfunding campaign to help the victims and families of the shooting last week. The GoFundMe campaign started out with a solid $10,000 raised in the first hour.

Society December 8, 2015

Alaska Mom Designs Disney Princess Wigs For Kids With Cancer

Former cancer nurse Holly Christensen started her ‘Magic Yarn Project’ after her friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She has created Disney princess wigs and spurred an active volunteer base for the cause.

Life November 11, 2015

After Dealing With Apple, Taylor Swift Convinces GoFundMe To Raise Donation Limits

Taylor Swift's generous $50,000 donation for a little girl fighting leukemia has prompted fundraising platform GoFundMe to revise its individual donation limit from $15,000 to $50,000.

Society July 11, 2015

Homeless Man In Canada Turns Down $5,111 Internet Donation And Asks For A Job Instead

A homeless man in Canada found $2,400 and promptly handed it all to the police. He then declined a $5,111 donation that had been raised for him, asking for help in finding a job instead and pledging that the donated money be given for charity instead.

Internet Culture July 3, 2015

From 125 Pounds To 44: Woman Battling Anorexia Calls For Help On Social Media [Video]

Rachael Farrokh, a 37-year-old former actress who is suffering from anorexia nervosa, has made an appeal to the public through an emotional video posted on YouTube to help her recover from the condition.

Life May 23, 2015

Internet Sensation 'Success Kid' Sammy Griner Asks For Help With Dad's Kidney Transplant

Success Kid’s dad needs a kidney transplant. Who can help? The Internet! A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to cover the Griner family's medical expenses.

Life April 16, 2015

56-Year-Old Man Takes A 21-Mile Journey To Work Every Day: Crowdfunding To The Rescue

We have to give credit to 56-year-old James Robertson. He walks to work every day by taking a long 21-mile journey.

Internet Culture February 5, 2015

Detroit Man Walks 21 Miles To Work Daily, Gains $225,000 From Internet Fundraiser

James Robertson has to walk 21 miles to and from work every day. In an effort to help him, a student set up a campaign at GoFundMe to raise money for the 56-year old's new car.

Society February 4, 2015

Phoenix Mom Dies While Giving Birth to Quadruplets

Nearly $40,000 has been donated by thousands from all over the world to help raise four babies whose mother died while giving birth to them.

Society January 19, 2015

Why will Ferguson cop who allegedly shot Mike Brown get $250,000 of crowdsourced funds?

A support campaign to raise funds for Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, who is accused of shooting 18-year-old black teen Michael Brown, has generated $250,000. The crowdsourced funds are raising questions as activists challenge the campaign.

Internet August 23, 2014

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