This month will be filled with surprises, and the public is in for a treat as starting today, until its peak next week, October 13, will show the Red Planet closest to the Earth, glowing and gleaming brightly, showing its bright orange and rusty appearance to humans. Mark your calendars for next because humans are in for a treat; No need to go to Mars to see the planet as it will visit next week.

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The so-called Mars Night 2020 will happen next week, October 13, with the Red Planet inching closely towards Earth's terranean planet. The glimmering red world will not look as 'red' as expected, showing its true colors of rust and the Earth's natural clay.

According to CNet, Mars will be highly visible this entire month of October, emitting a bright orangish color in the night skies. However, do not expect its full bloom for the whole month as there are only two dates where the Martian planet will be the brightest.

October 6 marks Mars' initial close approach to the planet. On the other hand, October 13, less than a week from today, will show Mars on its complete appearance for its visit near the Earth. Halloween would not be the biggest event for this month as Mars' rare luminance from the surface happens limitedly.

The month of October this year is unique for the Martian planet as various related events are happening. Currently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is five months away from delivering its Perseverance Rover to Mars for the planet's exploration and discovery. This is the first human attempt to explore the Red Planet and test its surface.

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October is Mars' Month: Save the Date and Witness Mars-Earth Alignment!

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October is the 'Spooky Season' as dubbed and considered by the entire world. The symbol for Halloween and the horror-filled month is the faint luminance of the Earth's natural satellite, the Moon. Ever since then, the Moon is the symbol of spooks and terror for Halloween.

Popular culture also uses the planet, Mars, on several occasions but does not often do so. However, this 2020, possibly, Halloween will be signified and represented by the Martian planet. The reddish glare of Mars may be interpreted as a scary symbol for this month.

The Red Planet would not appear as much 'red' as expected, but more on pumpkins' orange color, thus, Halloween. Despite the event set universally every October 31, Halloween seems to come early this month. Mark your calendars and ready your telescopes; Mars will show itself next week Tuesday.

How to See the Red Rusty Planet from the Surface?

Mars can be seen by the naked eye, according to CNet and the experts; however, to fully see and experience the orange glare, it is recommended to use a telescope that is adept for astronomy. Mars sightseeing is advisable during night time to see the Red Planet's colors.

CNet compiled a few applications that may help in precisely pinpointing the location of the planet among the vast sky. Along with that, here is a video guide that can help you prepare and even capture Mars using your telescope and smartphone.

Check out the video below.

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