NASA Moon Kit
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The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is inviting the general public to plan out and pack their bags for the #NASAMoonKit experience, asking the public to show what they will bring once given a chance to travel the Moon. The Artemis Moon Mission for 2024 invites the public to take part in the experience and watch the SLS rocket 'Green Run' test campaign.

NASA is now gearing up for its test launch of the Space Launch System (SLS), a 212-foot massive rocket built by the space agency, in preparation for the Artemis I Moon Mission to bring the first female astronaut on the lunar surface. This test is crucial for NASA as it will determine the future of the Moon Missions, set for 2024.

Apart from testing on its own, NASA asks the public to take part in the Artemis Moon Mission's preparations by packing their bags and showing it to the world. #NASAMoonKit asks the public's input on what necessities and essentials will be brought aboard the spacecraft if they are ever invited to go to the Moon.

The most creative and unique inputs will be part of NASA's broadcast and be picked up by the social media accounts of the space agency on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NASA ingeniously asks the public's engagement on the Moon Kit to announce the rocket launch tests, thus inviting more spectators and audiences to witness the launch.

NASA purposely hypes the public to join in welcoming the SLS rocket bound for testing, and soon for the lunar surface, aboard the Artemis I crew. #NASAMoonKit limits the passenger's pack to 50 pounds per person only, a limited baggage mass for a six-month space mission.

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SLS Green Run Test Launch: Everyone is Invited!

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As the Novel Coronavirus is still plaguing the world with its airborne respiratory illness, NASA invites people to witness the event through social media live streams. The #NASAMoonKit is also another way for the space agency to invite the public in its launch preparations.

On the other hand, NASA is also using this opportunity to invite the media members to witness and document the launch, with the international citizens' registration already ended on October 2, and American-citizen media will have until October 16.

The Green Run 'hot fire' test is the last launch trial for NASA's SLS rocket ship. This is the eighth and final stage of the Space Launch System's rocket core stage and integrated systems essential for the lunar mission set to fly in 2021.

The test will load the propellants that will supply fuel to four RS-25 engines of the SLS, demonstrating the engines, tanks, fuel lines, valves, pressurization systems, and software. NASA deems this essential to test, just like how it would function during its actual launch, to see everything it needs.

NASA's Moon Mission 2021: What's the Status?

With the space agency inviting people to pack their bags and the media to join the eight-stage in testing, NASA indicates that it is almost ready for the actual launch of the SLS for Artemis I. According to NASA, October 5 marks the sixth stage of the rocket to pass with flying colors.

SLS's sixth testing stage is the simultaneous launch countdown sequence for NASA, also the same method to be used for the actual launch. NASA invited technicians from Boeing and Aerojet Rocketdyne to supervise the testing and ordering integral for the Artemis I Mission bound for the Moon.

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