Smart jump ropes are an efficient way to do cardio, work on stamina, and also build endurance all at the same time. The agility that comes when using the a smart jump rope is pretty neat especially if the work out is being done at home. The hybrid function of the jump rope works by burning fat and helping build resistance at the same time.

Shredding tips

If the plan is to tone down, then shredding is advised. In order to effectively do this with jump ropes or smart skipping ropes, there are certain tempos, speed, even heights that can be applied. The versatile workout tool can be used in different ways in order to focus on areas which needs attention.

  • Endurance building

In order to build endurance, use the jump rope and maintain a consistent tempo throughout the exercise. Start by going slow and gradually speed up until reaching a comfortable speed and tempo.

Once this is achieved, try to maintain this tempo and speed for as long as possible and when feeling burn out, go a little bit slower. Once feeling a little bit better, go back to the previous tempo and repeat until worn out. The key is to go longer and not necessarily faster or going the fastest.

  • Fat burning

In order to burn fat, the key is in the jump. Maximize fat burn by jumping as high as possible and maintaining that height throughout the exercise. High knees are a good exercise while using the jump rope.

Going all out for a consistent amount of minutes then going slow, then going back up again is a great way to burn fat. Although it may seem quite impossible to do this for a long period of time, it is still advisable to attempt to do this for as long as possible.

  • Both

To maximize both burning fat and endurance, make sure to alternate. Go all out and as high and as fast as possible for a couple of minutes then reverse back to endurance to calm down.

Repeat the process as many times as possible going back and forth from endurance and fat burning. Although this is a tedious process, the key to conquer this depends on how long the rest is in between. The ideal rest is 10 seconds to 1 minute only. This allows the body to relax, therefore decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

There are many other tricks that can be done on the jump rope like one legged jumps, alternative jumps, criss-cross, and others. However, the basic rule applies. Make sure to alternate between endurance and fat burning every once in a while.

The best jump ropes on the market aren't regular ropes but ropes that provide concrete data showing progress and effectiveness allowing the user to see, utilize, and make plans to make their workout more efficient.

Here are the best smart ropes for sale on the market this 2020:

1.Tangram Factory Smart LED Jump Rope

This jump rope is the only known smart rope to use a digital display of your entire jump count while mid-air in front of your own eyes using LEDs embedded in the rope itself. The classic but evolutionary jump rope brings more than just entertainment but also records efficient data that is needed to push yourself further.

The smart rope uses the app Smart Gym in order to pair along with other services just like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Apple HealthKit, and even the Samsung S Health App so it's quite a bonus for those people who like rocking a smart watch.

2. Everlast SmartFit Bluetooth Jump Ropes

Although technically not really a smart rope, it still makes use of Bluetooth technology paired with the Everlast SmartFit app allowing the user to easily track their fitness. The good thing about the data recorded is that it includes the number of skips, how long was the session, even the number of calories that are burned all based on the average speed.

The app even records the data for you to see your progress later on. The jump rope also uses foam grip handles resulting in it becoming non-slip, sweat resistant, and for the handles to even be washable as well.

3. Sharbay Digital Jump Rope

This jump rope works pretty straightforward giving the user an LCD that displays a timer, jump counter, and calorie counter. If you think about it, this is basically all the data you'll ever need. The simplicity of this jump rope also allows you to focus on what matters, your workout.

Despite all the fancy features of the other jump ropes, the basic function of a jump rope is still for working out and this is what the Sharbay Digital Jump Rope provides. One thing that is better about simpler jump ropes is that they do not really worry the user once broken since their function is still the same.

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Finding the perfect smart jump ropes

In order to pick out the perfect jump rope, there are a few things that should be considered. Here are a few of them:

  • Price. Make sure to set a price and do not go overboard. Although it's tempting to get the best and most expensive, it would be a shame to work out and break the bank.
  • Functionality. What is the jump rope for? If the use is for data collection or to follow a strict data recording process, a smart jump rope is necessary. If it is just for the exercise, it is better to get the basic simpler jump rope instead.
  • Quality. The quality of the jump rope can be assessed by two factors, the company, and the reviews. Since most ropes are manufactured using the same materials knowing the manufacturing company is important. It is also important to check reviews on the jump rope to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product.

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