A particular person known as @doggface208 on Twitter and @420doggface208 on TikTok has reached celebrity status with a certain video of him cruising on the highway while sipping a bottle of cranberry juice and singing along to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. The unexpected success of the video has only gotten bigger as the likes of even Jimmy Fallon have started doing covers of the iconic video.

Who is the viral TikTok longboard cranberry juice guy 'doggface'?

Doggface's real name is Nathan Apodaca and due to his video, Fleetwood Mac's Dreams shot all the way to the #1 spot on the top 100 songs being played. Ocean Spray sales have also increased by a multitude as people have started drinking it to either recreate the video, remember what it tastes like, or just simply because they want to try.

The video did not go commercially unnoticed as even Mick, the drummer of Fleetwood Mac decided to recreate the whole video acknowledging how doggface, otherwise known as Nathan Apodaca, made the whole thing cool again. Aside from the band's very own drummer, even the CEO of Ocean Spray decided to make a cover video of the viral TikTok video himself.

What did the video bring to Nathan Apodaca?

Good things have started coming for Nathan Apodaca as people started to donate money as a token of appreciation for his apparently really chill and relaxing TikTok video. At the end of September, the number of donations had reached $10,000 (according to an article by Mic) but the number now could most likely be bigger.

This is not the only good thing that happened to Nathan Apodaca, the now TikTok celebrity has been given a red truck from Ocean Spray due to the truck being the reason for his viral TikTok video in the first place.

The story, as told by Nathan Apodaca himself, started when his car broke down and he was on his way to work. Luckily, he always carried his longboard in the back. He decided to leave his car and come back for it later while he proceeded to travel on the longboard. He then decided it would be a good idea to shoot a TikTok video while drinking his bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice as he looked around the beautiful scenery. The video has now millions of hits!

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How to play doggface in "Cheech and Chong Bud Farm"

The viral TikTok longboard otherwise known as doggface or rather Nathan Apodaca is now in "Cheech and Chong Bud Farm" game according to his post on Twitter. The game is playable on both Android and iOS and is a simple green farming game. Apparently, the developers of the game have been collaborating with Nathan in order to bring him in as a character.

In order to play Nathan Apodaca as a character, all you have to do is search and download the game "Cheech and Chong Bud Farm" on the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. In a video on Twitter, Apodaca also mentioned "win me as a character" indicating him to be a special character that people have to unlock. The details will be found on Friday when his character finally reveals.


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