A particular TikTok user known by the social media name @420doggface208 or @doggface208 on Twitter has managed to get Fleetwood Mac all the way to the number 1 spot out of the top 100. Out of the blue, the TikTok star has managed to bring a 1970s British-American rock band back on the iTunes charts with their previous 1977 hit known as "Dreams."

It's no mistake that the popularity of the song is due to the recent TikTok video coming from @420doggface208 whose real name is Nathan Apodaca as he has been going viral on social media. After Apodaca posted the video, there have been numerous remakes and covers and even Mick of Fleetwood Mac themself decided to do a cover.

Longboarder drinking Ocean Spray's Cran-Raspberry juice viral TikTok video

In the video, Apodaca was longboarding down a highway with a bottle of Ocean Spray's Cran-Raspberry juice in one hand while the cam/phone on the other hand. Even Ocean Spray's CEO decided to hop on and do a cover of this video.

Good things have happened to Nathan Apodaca ever since the video which received over $10,000 from fans who have been supporting him as well as a brand new truck given to him by Ocean Spray themselves. The reason for the brand new truck is because his previous truck was the very reason he recorded the video in the first place.

Nathan Apodaca was reportedly on his way to work when his car broke down. Luckily, the average working man had a longboard in the back along with his favorite drink, Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. He then decided to skate his way to work leaving his truck for him to deal with later. Whilst skating, he then came across a beautiful scene and thought to himself, this would be the perfect time to make a TikTok video!

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Eddie Van Halen's tragic death

Meanwhile, the iTunes charts is currently chalked full of different classics coming from Van Halen singles taking up a third of the whole top 100. Unfortunately, the comeback of his songs is due to the dimming reality that the legendary guitar player has recently passed away after quite a long battle with cancer.

Eddie previously founded the whole band along with his own brother Alex all the way back in the 1970s and they have been able to go pretty far even gaining worldwide fame. The band was then inducted into the popular Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2007. Now, although not at the first spot, Eddie Van Halen has been able to dominate a third of the top 100.

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