A lot of people have been asking about the mysterious "patch" or button on the upcoming edge of all of the different iPhone 12 models that are introduced today. The patch is actually unlabeled on Apple's known specs page but an article by The Verge has been able to confirm that it is in fact a window for the said mmWave 5G antennas.


mmWave 5g is going to be part of the mystery button or patch

According to an article by Mac Rumors, mmWave 5G support is only going to be included in the United States models of the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. This means that the window is only going to be present for those devices.

The mystery patch was actually first seen in the previously leaked schematics a couple of months back. It initially speculated to potentially be an actual Smart Connector or maybe a docking site for a mini Apple Pencil due to its similarity in appearance to the known magnetic Apple Pencil on the attachment site on other iPad Pro models.

The whole speculation quickly disappeared once finality of the mystery patch actually being the known mmWave 5G antennas and not really anything else. Unless, more leaks are to come regarding the iPhone 12 mystery patch.

Apple's previous announcements with their iPhone 12 models

Apple has already announced its very first roll of different 5G iPhones including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and also the iPhone 12 mini. All of them come from a price range of $729 all the way to the upper digits of $1,100 but, according to Apple's announcement during their own press conference, even the iPhone 12 Mini still offers access to the known speedy millimeter-wave or mmWave 5G networks.

Although Apple previously had a problem earlier this year with manufacturing when the pandemic broke out, the company was still able to pick up despite the many conventions, events, and release dates either extended or cancelled.

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The previous iPhone 11 and the expectation of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has been a mystery for quite some time ever since the iPhone 11 took an interesting turn especially with its unique cameras and the additional specs that Apple decided to add to the device.

The iPhone 11 upgrade made things even more interesting for the iPhone 12 as Apple users are curious with regards to the different models' capabilities aside from the regular specs like megapixels, memory, RAM, and etc.

Apple has been teasing the iPhone 12 a lot as there have been multiple small bits of leaks here and there throughout the year 2020 as Apple users are waiting for what the new iPhone has to bring to the market, what makes it different, and how Apple can make it better.

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