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A Twitter post by a Microsoft Surface Book 3 user claiming that the device saved his life took the internet by storm. Aaron, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsExtreme_, posted a photo of the Surface Book which appears to have a bullet hole.

"My laptop literally just saved my life... Someone shot through the floor in my apartment building," Aaron said tagging Microsoft and Microsoft Help. Said bullet was shot from the floor below his unit which alledgely went through his floor before hitting the laptop.

The image shows that the Surface Book 3 took the bullet manifested by a broken trackpad and screen. He also shared another photo showing his bed where the bullet came through the floor. He said that the hole can be hardly seen because of the carpet. The reason why the tenant fired a gun is not clear.

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Twitter Users Reaction

Aaron's tweet garnered over 2,500 retweets, 11,800 likes and over 600 comments. He has reached out to Microsoft support to get his laptop serviced or have it replaced. Notebook Check wrote that it is interesting to check how Microsoft will respond due to the huge social media attention the post has gained.

User @Wiz_Kalibo, also a Surface owner, said that the post gave him an idea because his device stopped working after he spilled coffee on it.

"If Microsoft send you one, I'm definitely shooting it with a gun and a posting it on social media, saying how it saved my life. Hopefully I'll get an upgrade," he added.

Some comments express how glad and thankful they are that Aaron is safe and okay. Others are even suggesting that he needs to move to a safer neighborhood. Still others are curious about the details of the fired bullet and if he called 911 to report the incident.

However, some users do not believe Aaron's story. @TriTexan said that the laptop jumped in front of Aaron to protect him while others think that the trajectory of the bullet is not sensible. There are also commenters saying that Aaron only wants free PR.

Is Microsoft Surface Book 3 Bullet Proof?

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is a convertible laptop. The screen can actually be removed from the keyboard so it can funtion as a tablet. Its dimension is 13.98 inches (355 mm) in width, 8.94 inches (227 mm) deep and 0.59 inches (15 mm) thick.

Although the tablet was broken after the being hit by a bullet, many still praised its high quality build like the rest of the Surface devices. However, this was not apparently designed to be bullet proof. Others are still doubting the veracity of Aaron's claims.

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