A lot of people and businesses seem to be turning to the trend of e-signatures due to the pandemic. Signing off emails and sales letters with a personalized signature surely adds to the trust in a nearly paperless world. Similarly, using digital signatures at the end of blogs and creative content adds a special touch.

The importance of electronic signatures cannot be trifled in our day-to-day life. From big companies to individual marketers - we all are trying to set up an easy, accessible, smart, and safe alternative to paperwork. E-signatures are a neat accessory that serves this purpose fairly well.

Major firms turn to online signatures to lessen the hassle of legal disputes using them as solid evidence.  Wouldn't you rather trust a corporation using a distinctive signature with your sensitive information? Yes, e-signatures help in building customer-to-business confidentiality too.

What Is The Signature Generator And How Does It Work?

Also known as a signature maker, a signature generator is an online tool that converts your hand signature to an image format, thus, enabling you to sign documents digitally on the go.

 Signature generators like CocoSign allow you to create your online signatures, which can then be used for numerous applications - think of signing documents, activating contracts, and so on.

How does it work? You can simply type in your name and choose a font to your taste. For instance, to avoid repeatable styles, CocoSign keeps numerous signature templates to choose from. You can choose from fonts, color, style, and customize your signature.

However, if you feel more comfortable with your handwritten signature, there is an option available too. CocoSign serves as an easy-to-use platform for you to draw your signature, with a mouse, phone, or a touchpad, be it out of style or trust concerns.

Why Is The Signature Maker Important For Business?

Businesses must come off as professional, and e-signatures are a great way to showcase that professionalism. Here are a few reasons why a signature creator is important and almost a business necessity.

●  It helps you raise brand awareness through emails and other platforms. Whether or not one is interested in your service - your brand and logo will embed in their mind and make your company highly recognizable.

●  Online signatures create an organized and polite ambiance between you and the user.

●  It increases your brand awareness, and it will often lead to an increase in your social media following.

●  It attracts and engages customers, building trust, and brand loyalty.

●  It allows you to get your documents signed on the go, thus easing your workflow and streamlining your operations.

How To Use A Signature Generator To Create A Digital Signature Online For Free?

You'll find a few signature generators providing a free one-time use signature generator. When it comes to efficiency, speed, and security, CocoSign handles all three.

It provides a free signature generator for you to create your e-signature. So, get started with CocoSign today to facilitate easy signing within your organization.

Cocosign: A Guaranteed Pick For Your Brand And Others.

User-friendly, device-friendly, time-friendly, and cost-friendly - CocoSign ticks all the right boxes. From working with us to us working for you, CocoSign maintains a smooth and organized workflow offering optimum convenience. It is a cloud-based software helping numerous individuals and businesses digitize their work.

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How To Create An Electronic Signature?

So, how do you create an electronic signature? In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the entire process. To assist you better, we will be adopting the workflow required by CocoSign.

●      Step 1: Choose between 'draw' and 'type'

Visit CocoSign's signature generator page, and choose one between 'draw' and 'type'. The 'draw' option will allow you to draw your signature, just the same way as you do with pen on paper. You can use your mouse for this purpose. 

The 'type' option will allow you to type the signature in a font of your choice. 

  • Step 2: 'Draw' or 'type' your signature

Depending on your choice and convenience, draw or type your signature. If you want to type your signature, CocoSign provides you with an array of fonts to choose from - cursive, bold, rough, or formal.        

Draw' or 'type' your signature

Once you are satisfied with your drawn or typed signature, click Save. If something went wrong, you can click Clear to revert the changes. 

Draw your sig
  • Step 3: Download

Lastly, press the button Download and you are done. You can save your created signature in the tool for future purposes.

What's more, you don't even have to register or sign up. The entire process is pretty straightforward and easy to follow!

Go to CocoSign website here >>

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Key Considerations in Choosing an Online Signature Service 

When it comes to online signature services, you need to keep an eye out for the ideal service that will be in tune with your needs and ticks the following boxes:

●      Security

The top priority must be security. Does your online signature service keep a long-lasting track of your signed documents? That's a good sign. Check for the best solutions to security problems, and you'll know which one to opt for.

CocoSign keeps a secure audit trail of each activity and the names, addresses, and IP addresses involved. Keep your electronic record intact with CocoSign. CocoSign provides the optimum security to provide its user a secure working space, meets the regulations set by the ESIGN act and EIDAS, and is legally binding.

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●      Legally Binding

Signatures generated by CocoSign are legally binding. This means that digital signatures are accepted and acknowledged by all major authorities, standards, and jurisdictions.

CocoSign takes care of three important aspects responsible for ensuring the legal status of a signature - WHO has signed, WHAT has been signed and the intentions behind, and the INTEGRITY of the signed document.

●      Device and file supportive

It is better to pick an online signature service that doesn't restrict you in terms of the file formats and the device you are using.  It is the best practice to ensure that your chosen e-signature service supports major file formats and is compatible with most devices so that when in dire need, your work is not restricted. 

●      Multi-user support

Perhaps one of the major reasons that online signature generators are preferred is that they offer multi-user support. So, when you are choosing an online signature service, make sure your chosen tool supports multiple users.

CocoSign, for instance, allows you to add multiple recipients who can sign the document and get access to the signed document as well.

 Online Signature FAQs

●      What is an e-signature?

An e-signature is your electronic signature. It serves the purpose of signing documents online when you cannot sign physically in person with a pen.

●      How can I make my professional email e-signature?

Go for simple, solid colors and fonts. They usually satisfy the eye better. Add your brand logo. A good way to go could also be including redirections to your social media profiles and maybe your official website.

●      Can I use my online signature for legal documents, and is it safe?

With CocoSign's online signature service, you can use your online signature to sign any documents and form legal contracts with guaranteed legally bound safety.

●      Can I make my online signature with my phone?

You can create your online signature on your phone and use it to sign documents. You can use practically any device, and yes, your phone, for the e-signing process.

●      Do my online signature, and real signature have to be the same?

Not really. An electronic signature doesn't have to be similar to your handwritten signature. Moreover, the ESIGN act states that your online signature doesn't necessarily have to be your name.

You can use symbols, initials, a pseudo-name, an electronic sound or fingerprint, etc. As long as you accept it as your adopted signature, which you intend to sign documents with, it is legally bound and accepted. 

●      How does an online signature look like?

Most online signatures look the same as pen and paper signatures. They are legally-binding and serve the same purpose as the traditional approach.

The Wrap Up

As is evident, creating digital signatures online with a signature generator is easy. All you need to do is choose an intuitive signature maker that is easy to follow and provides you with all the required features, including security and multi-user support. Ensure that your online signature maker produces legally-binding signatures so that there are no hiccups later on.

What are your views on this? Have you ever used a signature maker? Let us know in the comments below.

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