"Among Us" has undoubtedly become one of the most popular games this year with not just professional gamers playing it but even a Congresswoman herself! Congresswoman AOC decided to play "Among Us" along with other gamers on Discord resulting in a peak of 430,000 viewers, according to an article by Sportskeeda, which is almost as much as the record on Twitch which is at 600,000.

According to a video by T5G2 on YouTube, there are a few easter eggs that are masterfully hidden around the game for players to spot. The easter eggs include really quirky but entertaining icons like the Terminator all the way to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

'Among Us' easter eggs

1. Terminator Easter Egg

"Among Us" creators sure are good when it comes to sprinkling easter eggs around the game just like in the map Polus when a character dies, they could possibly do the signature thumbs up like the "Terminator" did as he was being dipped into Lava! This iconic scene is something hard to forget.

2. Futurama Brain Slug Easter Egg

For fans of Futurama, spotting the Brain Slug should not be too hard. The brain slug in Futurama appeared as creatures leaching off and mind controlling human beings. These one eyed blob monsters can be found in the game as either a pet or even a hat!

3. QR Code Easter Egg 'Fresh Prince'

Scanning the QR code in Polus that gives a message "Yo holmes, smell you later" which is actually a line from Will Smith in his popular "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" series that was one of the most iconic series of good old family fun and comedic appearances.

4. 'Super Mario' and Discord

Checking out the computers, something odd can be spotted when really zoomed in to the scream. Check out the office in Polus and look into the computer. Although a little hard to spot initially, once zoomed in, players will be able to find two screens! One screen is playing "Super Mario" while the other one Discord.

5. DVD Screensaver

Who could forget the iconic DVD screensaver? In order to spot this easter egg, head over to Admin in Polus and check out the screen. Everything is almost exactly like how the actual DVD screensaver is like with the bouncing off of the edges and changing colors with every bounce.

6. Samsung Parody

The computer in "Among Us" does not really go for actual brands but instead, it shows a very popular electronic brand spinoff called SIMSONG which is obviously a substitute for Samsung.

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'Among Us' Hotkeys

In order to play the game more efficiently, there are two hotkeys that could really help speed up the process and help the player win the game.

One of them is the "Q" hotkey that automatically kills instead of having the gamer press the kill button and might risk getting spotted. The other key is the "E" hotkey which allows the player to sabotage and distract his/her way out of a tight situation.

You can also use "R" for report, "Tab" for toggle map, and "Esc" to cancel the current selection. Of course, this will work if you choose to play using both mouse and keyboard on the desktop or laptop.

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