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Horror game "Phasmophobia" is currently one of the top sellers in Steam as gamers bravely face different types of ghosts. However, apart from the challenge of identifying the ghost in the game, one also needs to acquire necessary equipment that a professional paranormal investigator use. With that, one should know how to make money in "Phasmophobia" as well get insurance and photo rewards.

How To Make Money in 'Phasmophobia'

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There are three ways to make money in "Phasmophobia." This includes capturing ghost activity photos, completing objectives and getting insurance. Like any other game, a player will only have a little money at the start which is just enough to purchase low-quality equipment. However, as the game progress, the player will start earning more money which gives him the opportunity to upgrade and acquire new equipment.

The first and easiest way to make money is by completing objectives which are found on the truck's whiteboard. This will involve both simple and difficult tasks. Although using a smudge stick is easy, other tasks could be risky for the players like interacting with a ghost or seeing a ghost. In order to earn $10, one needs to complete the objective and stay alive at the end of the match. If one dies but completed the game objectives, the player can still get $5. Identifying the ghost will also give the players money but its amount varies on the type of map being used.

How to Get Photo Rewards

A digital camera can help you get extra money by taking pictures of ghostly events. After taking pictures, these will appear in the Journal with a label. It is important to check if the picture is properly labeled and not blurry so it can be paid $10 each. Players who die can still get $5 per picture with proper label.

Taking pictures is a big money maker in the game. Since a camera can only be used 5 times, one needs to acquire more than one camera. According to ScreenRant, there are 7 types of photos that can get photo rewards.

1. Ghost. The first appearance of the ghost or its shadow is a good way to earn money. First, figure out which room is the ghost located and try calling its full name or asking questions.

2. Fingerprints or Footprints. Using a UV Light or a Glowstick, you can spot ghostly fingerprints or footprints. Let your teammate shine the light on the prints while you take pictures. You can also easily spot these after sprinkling salt around the house. Ghost types that usually leave fingerprints or footprints inlcude

  • Spirit
  • Wraith
  • Poltergeist
  • Banshee
  • Revenant

3. Interactions or Ghost Activities. Once the ghost become more active, players can take photos of its activities like making a phone ring, turning on a radio, opening and closing doors, or turning off lights.

4. Dead body. Taking a picture of a teammate's dead body can give you photo rewards as well since this is considered as a ghost interaction. Players can choose a teammate to sacrifice for this reason.

5. Bone. Players may see a bone spawn in different areas of the house or building. Once you see a bone laying around, take a picture of this since this is a sign of a ghost's presence.

6. Dirty Water. A ghost needs to turn on the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen so you can get a picture of dirty water in the sink. To do this, you need to irritate the ghost, gathering in one area and be noisy, calling the ghost's full name, and asking questions. However, players should be careful since this might start the hunting phase.

7. Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll. Players should be quick in snapping a photo of the Ouija Board and Voodoo Doll which may sometimes appear on the map signifying ghost's presence. Ouija Boards may spawn in attics, basements, or closets.

How Does Insurance Works

One good feature of the game is the Insurance which can benefit players who die during investigation and do not survive the Hunting Mode. Although your Experience points will reduce when you die, you will still earn money from Insurance.

Players who die on an Amateur-level map will receive back 50% of the cost of all the equipment they were carrying during the game. Meanwhile, those who die on Intermediate maps will only get back 25% and those playing on Professional maps will not get any insurance at all and all equipment will be lost.

Staying alive is important to make sure that you get to keep all your purchased equipment. Even when you leave some of it inside the house, you will still get it back in the lobby. Also, when you get disconnected from the game, you will not get any refunds.

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