Elon Musk enthusiastically shares that its Tesla Solar Roof Tiles venture dominates the third quarter of 2020 (Q3), more than doubling in profit and almost tripling sequentially, now having major appeals to the public. Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles were the "silent killer" in the company as people were fixated on the electric vehicle innovations that the company is famous for.

Tesla Solar Roof
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One of the world's most favorite electric vehicle manufacturers and clean energy company, Tesla, is now gearing up for 2021 for its Solar Roof Tiles venture that will soon receive its rightful recognition in the market. Tesla's Solar Roof ventures are part of its commitment to clean energy and renewable sources to help the planet's future generations.

According to Electrek, Elon Musk's third-quarter report for 2020's fiscal year shows the steady rise of the Solar Roof Tiles venture within the company. However, the Tesla Solar Tiles does not receive the same popularity or hype as its brothers in the Palo Alto company's technology line-up.

Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles were initially released in 2017. Since then, the technology was upgraded and improved by the clean energy company to fit each paying customer's design and needs. Tesla's solar roof initiatives are quite expensive, with the "Glass" tiles starts at a whopping price of $42,500 and will increase according to the roof's size.

The clean energy company will soon become the next generation "home energy provider" on the locations Tesla's services are available. The Tesla Solar Roof Tiles promises a sustainable household that does not compromise one's home's design and look. Solar technology is slowly becoming an energy choice for most families worldwide.

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Elon Musk: 2021 will be Tesla Solar Roof Tiles' Year

Tesla Solar Roof
(Photo : Tesla Screenshot)

According to the eccentric Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk's Q3 2020 Report, Tesla's Solar Roof grew in terms of profit and usage in the current quarter, which more than doubled in its computations. The doubling of Tesla's Solar Roof in 2020 saw an increase of 57 MW (megawatts) compared to the previous quarter.

Elon Musk's report regards Tesla' Solar technology deployments to almost triple sequentially. The CEO envisions a solar future for the places that Tesla currently services. Musk refers to the Tesla Solar Roof Tiles technology as the "killer product" of 2020.

Additionally, Elon Musk foresees the product to be "obvious" next year, being the technology of choice for most households to convert into a renewable energy source, solar power. According to Electrek, Tesla's move to revolutionize solar power asks for more workers and roof installers to work for Tesla with over 200 openings in Ontario, Canada.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles: A Want and Need for the Future

  Tesla CEO Elon Musk asks the question in its Q3 2020 Report about what future does one want. The CEO asks what products would make life better and answers this regarding his company's solar roof products to be more apparent when the "future" comes.

Tesla and its CEO confidently claims that solar technology would be "obvious" come next year, 2021. The rise in the demand and usage of Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles hid as the "killer product" of 2020, making a full move on the following years to come.

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