Although watching pirated movies is a way for people to save on money and still be able to watch whatever they want online, doing this is still illegal and could also be potentially harmful for the watcher.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep records?

The users of different online pirate streaming services, according to an article by Tech Radar, have a high chance of being monitored by a minimum of at least one major internet service provider or ISP. This was the information given by the web traffic analysis that was previously used in the known High Court case back in September.

The case saw a particular UEFA obtain an injunction straight against ISPs located in Ireland. This then compelled them to finally block access to hidden pirated live games on the internet.

Although the ultimate decision to eventually block websites as well as apps that actually facilitate the whole viewing of pirated content has already been commonplace for quite a number of years, the whole court case now made a noteworthy admission finally explaining just why it was necessary to have these additional websites blocked.

The known case showed that the data has been kept for quite a while

According to Justice David Barnibille, he is already satisfied that the said blocking Order is indeed necessary for the whole purpose of being able to protect the whole Plaintiff's copyright against alleged infringement.

The statement continued saying that Justice Barnibille notes from the given evidence and also accepts that there exists a significant shift away from the said use of websites during the more recent years that are in favor of devices and apps, in particular, the set-top boxes that can actually be watched easily on television.

The statement assures that the affidavit provided by Jiajun Chen gives confidential traffic analysis which can be used as evidence of the Sky network by Irish viewers that are watching online content illegally online.

For the information to be available for Mr. Chen, it appears that Sky, during this instance, has been able to maintain an actual record of at least a level of some data that shows exactly what internet users are doing when trying to access pirated content.

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The concern of most internet users

Internet users as well as supporters of general online privacy might actually be wondering just exactly how much of the user's browsing habits have actually been recorded by Internet Service Providers and how long could they actually be retained.

Although the said court case already took place some time last month referring to Sky internet customers, according to ZDNet, it is still also very likely that the other ISPs keep similar information stored away. If this is the case, the use of VPNs could be the only way to keep privacy protected.

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