NASA's Crew-1 will soon launch with the SpaceX Dragon's revived engines headed for the International Space Station to perform research and monitor the planet's sea levels as one of their top jobs while in orbit. NASA's Crew-1 would soon total to a seven-person crew that will study and research aboard the ISS. 

NASA Crew-1
(Photo : NASA)

The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is now gearing up for its nearing launch of the Crew-1 Mission called the "Resilience," which will board SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft for passenger and cargo space flights. The team members include the original line up of Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, and Japan's Soichi Noguchi.

NASA- SpaceX Dragon Launch: Crew-1 Mission Astronauts Will Soon Orbit and Study the Planet

NASA's Crew-1 faced multiple drawbacks from launching to the International Space Station (ISS) over the past months. SpaceX found several problems in the Dragon's engine and start methods that would soon damage the launch if not taken action. 

The crew would be headed by Mike Hopkins and head for the prestigious International Space Station, where they would perform research and study heavenly bodies and the planet while on orbit. NASA's Crew 1 would focus on the world and monitor the planet's sea levels.

NASA Sentinel-6
(Photo : NASA)

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite would go ahead of the crew and launch on November 10. This satellite would be used by the team to monitor the planet's sea levels and study its current state. NASA's effort to explore the Earth, the occurring climate change, and discover its secrets will soon be carried by a considerable number of astronauts aboard the ISS. 

The crew would have launched this coming Saturday, October 31, lining up with the spooky celebration and being a historical "Halloween Launch" in the country and globally. Instead, the astronauts would gear up and ready for launch on November 14 to depart for orbit aboard the ISS. 

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NASA: Space X Dragon Crew-1 'Resilience' Will Complete a Stronger 7-Man Team for Research

SpaceX Crew Dragon
(Photo : NASA)

NASA's Crew-1 astronauts would have their mission but would ultimately contribute to other hands that study the Earth along with current residents of the International Space Station. The new crew would join the Expedition 64 staff made up of both Russian and American spacemen. 

Commander Sergey Ryzhikov heads the Expedition 64 Crew with crew members and Flight Engineers Sergey Kud-Sverchkov and NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins. NASA's Crew-1 would join the efforts of the current team aboard the ISS to study the planet's current state, along with the rising threat of climate change. 

Additionally, according to Space News, Air Force Col. Mike Hopkins would swear into commission as a member of the United States Space Force immediately upon reaching the ISS. Hopkins is the Crew-1 Dragon mission commander, which will lead the team's journey to the space station. 

The seven astronauts would strengthen and speed up the research and study process carried out while orbiting the planet. NASA's Crew-1 would bring additional hands and help the ISS's current inhabitants in carrying out the mission that NASA has set, discovering new advancing studies in the galaxy and learning more of the planet, notably its past and current state. 

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