Google One Android Free VPN Access, End to End Encryption for Subscribers
(Photo : StefanCoders/Pixabay) Google One offers free VPN access to android users. The encryption comes along with the 2T subscription.

Google One today launched its Google One service that offers virtual private network access for free. The said service aims to protect the subscriber's use of privacy even during travels.

How a VPN Works

VPN works by keeping one's online browsing behavior private and protecting a user from the monitoring online eyes. This keeps hackers and cybercriminals from snooping into an actual IP address.

An android user without a VPN's browsing activity allows the free flow of data from the device across the ISP. During the said activity, even the user's location is detected making him vulnerable to more serious online attacks.

Thankfully, as Google introduced the Google One service free access to a new VPN, subscribers may enjoy the freedom of protected online browsing even while on the go.

According to the PocketLint, in order to take advantage of the free VPN access, one must have an active Google One plan subscription. A subscriber needs to have at least a 2TB subscription.

A 2TB subscriber may also choose to share the free VPN access to family members. For up to a total of six household members taking full advantage of the VPN feature, a subscriber must set up a Google One family sharing option.

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Setting up Google One VPN access on android phone

For a browsing experience with peace of mind, a Google one subscriber only needs a few simple steps and the free VPN access is ready on his phone.

1. Launch the Google One app on your android phone.

2. Toggle on to the VPN

Performing the two simple steps activates the data encryption on one's android phone. The encryption is not limited to the kind of browser that a subscriber uses as the activation affects the device's entire operating system.

On its sign up page, Google assured its subscribers that it will never use one's VPN connection to track or sell its subscribers' browsing activities. It also added that the subscriber's network traffic is never logged and their IP is never associated with their activity.

On the other hand, for subscribers who wish not to avail of the said service, they may opt not to activate the Google One service free VPN access. They may just choose to stay with a third-party service.

Google One free VPN access, opposite Google's norm

The Android Authority points out that the move to open free access to VPN seems weird coming from Google. This is primarily because the firm is known to create revenues by monitoring internet data being a data-driven company.

The report described this free offer to have a conflict of interest to where Google is heading towards data privacy.

Google One free VPN access international launch

As of the moment, the end to end encryption is available for at least 2TB subscribers in the US only. The service is limited to android users for now.

However, Google assured that the service will be open for more devices in the coming months. The firm plans to open it for other countries as well.

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