For those who haven't seen the viral comedian Uncle Roger, he is a particular character that does the "typical-Asian-uncle" stereotype while making reviews over people cooking one of the most basic Asian recipes, the egg fried rice. Uncle Roger first started making headlines by reviewing a BBC chef's take on egg fried rice.

After the video went viral, Uncle Roger started being requested to do multiple reviews left and right about many other chefs like one of the most popular chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. From these two chefs, there was one that Uncle Roger really appreciated while the other he really hated.

Uncle Roger's famous review of Jamie Oliver's egg fried rice

The next video made by Uncle Roger was reviewing the cooking of a certain world-class popular British chef known as Jamie Oliver. Uncle Roger noted so many things wrong about how Jamie Oliver cooked his egg fried rice from the use of Olive Oil to the use of Chili jam. These two ingredients were obviously not traditional ingredients.

Something that really ticked Uncle Roger off, however, was the use of pre-cooked rice. This was the biggest negative remark Uncle Roger had about Jamie Oliver along with the use of Chili jam.

Uncle Roger reviews Gordon Ramsay's egg fried rice

After reviewing Jamie Oliver, Uncle Roger proceeded to review Gordon Ramsay in which he was pleased by the way the egg fried rice was cooked. So far, this has been the only western chef which Uncle Roger has approved when it comes to cooking egg fried rice, maybe until now.

The comedian has now moved up with another Australian chef on his plate for a review, This Australian chef is known by his YouTube channel Nat's What I Reckon. The very first thing Uncle Roger had to say about this Australian chef, like a typical Asian uncle, is to comment about his tattoos.

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How did the Australian chef fair?

Uncle Roger then commented on how clean his kitchen was and how in an Asian household, this is not a good sign. He then commented on how much the Australian chef used curse words while simply cooking and even throwing the fork in the sink.

However, Uncle Roger did not have much else to say about the ingredients aside from the choice of oil, The chef decided to use sesame oil which Uncle Roger explained is more for the flavor and not actually for cooking.

Uncle Roger then stated that he approved of this chef and although it was not as good as Gordon Ramsay's cooking, the egg fried rice was not bad. So far, Uncle Roger has only approved Gordon Ramsay and this Australian Chef's cooking.

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