A Russian cybercriminal has recently been sentenced for a total of eight years in prison after being caught of participating in a recent botnet scheme that causing at least a total of $100 million in financial damages. This Russian hacker is now serving the sentence after being found guilty of the alleged crimes.

Aleksandr Brovko caught

According to the official United States Department of Justice of the DoJ, the Russina hacker whose name is Aleksandr Brovko, was found to have been an active member of a highly dangerous Russina hacking group. Aleksandr was also said to be part of several different elite online forums that were designed to be a place for Russian-speaking cybercriminals to gather around and exchange both their criminal tools as well as their services.

The Russian Hacker was formerly a residence of the Czech Republic and was 36 years old. He was said to have worked with other different cybercriminals all trying to scrape information gathering through the use of botnets.

How Aleksandr Brovko carried out his cybercriminal hacking schemes

Brovko wrote scripts that parsed log data coming from botnet sources and eventually searched these data dumps in order to uncover personal identity information. Going through the pile of data, the hackers find users' account credentials.

The newly discovered account credentials would then be logged by Brovko's code and would be verified by Sometimes he does it manually, in order to check if the amount was "worthwhile." Once the assessment was finished, Aleksandr would then use the given information to conduct  certain fraudulent transactions according to the official prosecutors.

Once the information revealed the target to be worth it, the bank accounts would then be pillaged by other different threat actors and eventually drained of its funds. According to the DoJ, Brovko was able to possess and traffic somewhat over 200,000 different unauthorized access devices all during the course of the entire conspiracy.

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Brovko's crimes and his involvement with other cybercriminals

It was stated that these access devices consisted of maybe either personally identifying information or the given financial account details. Brovko has pleaded guilty to his involvement in the scheme from 2007 all the way to 2019.

He admitted his involvement in conspiracy to commit bank, as well as wire fraud, which resulted in an eight year prison sentence by the Senior United States District Judge known as T.S. Ellis III.

According to The Register, Brovko's own indictment reveals that he was actually retained by another co-conspirator known as Alexander Tverdokhlebov, who was already in jail for a sentence of nine years back in 2017. This happened after he pleaded guilty to the crime of running botnets that were capable of controlling well over half a million different compromised PCs.

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