When digging into the previous DJi's Mavic Mini drone when it first arrived last year, it was clear that the drone had a good camera, a decent range, as well as good controllers. The newer version finally hits retail today and is said to have a much better take on the whole mini drone.

How is DJI's Mavic Mini the same with the original one? What specs remain?

According to TechCrunch, the new version hits retail today comes more of a refinement as opposed to redefinition. It is said to be one of the cases where even the first one was already relatively perfect but the upgrade is pretty decent as well. Both the size as well as the weight are actually just the same. The previous Mini 2 weighs an exact 249 grams, which also comes out to just about a little more than half a pound or 0.55 pounds. It then folds up and can eventually be stashed right away in the bag.

The camera, however, is said to be the DJI's Mavic Mini's biggest update. The whole system is finally capable of shooting in 4k at a massive 30FPS. Still, there are 12-megapixels, and there is also the 4x digital zoom ( which DJI claims that the feature is capable of going 2x without losing quality). According to the article by TechCrunch, it was suspected that the zoom will be a continued spot for the improvement of the noted systems.

The OcuSync 2.0 has reportedly been improved for the new Mavic Mini

Another big change is the current arrival of DJI's very own proprietary OcuSync or its wireless technology specifically known as the OccuSync 2.0. The technology is stated to also be available on the very latest Mavic Air as per the DJI.

The OcuSync 2.0 is DJI's very own world-renowned transmission technology that is responsible for ensuring a stable, long distance, as well as reliable connection between both the remote controll and the drone itself. The dual-frequency technology finds itself automatically switching between both channels in order to help against the interface.

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DJI's Mavic Mini battery life

Among many other things, the main upgrade means the transmission rate of up to 9.3 miles which is around 150% of the entire range its predecessor had delivered. Though DJI has reminded users that they really ought to keep the small drone in plain sight while operating. The battery is said to last quite a solid 31 minutes which is a slight improvement by a minute compared to the original's 30-minute flight time.

DJI's own pre-programmed image capture has always been its highlight. There are about five quick-shot modes called Dronie, Rocket, Helix, Circle, and boomerang. This is paired with three panoramas, the Wide-Angle, the 180, and the Sphere. There are also two modes namely the Triple Shot as well as the Timed Shots. The DJI Mavic Mini is also different from the Mini 2, more details were mentioned in an article by Tech Radar.

A video by Matti Haapoja on YouTube shows the physical embodiment of exactly what the DJI's Mavic Mini's specs are capable of.

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