"Pokemon: Sword & Shield The Crown Tundra" expansion pack is now rising in popularity for adding new and returning famous Pokemons as part of its development to the hit Nintendo Switch game. Now, the developers are bringing back Hoenn's favorite third-level evolution starter, Blaziken, fire and fighting type bird in the early games.

Pokemon Blaziken
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"Pokemon: Sword & Shield" came a long way up until today, as one of the best games that are extremely popular in the Nintendo Switch, upgrading the pixel game into a three-dimensional experience. What better way to experience a role-playing game than the integration of Pokemons.

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Pokemon's Hoenn Region: Blaziken, the Baddest Fighting Bird in the Game

Nintendo's Pokemon dates back to the mid-1990s with the "Red" and "Blue version," being one of its most grossing titles alongside "Super Mario Bros." Pokemon "Emerald," "Ruby," and "Sapphire" versions were the first to receive the Hoenn region.

Hoenn region holds several of the most famous starters in the Pokemon world, including Treeko, Mudkip, and Torchic. Torchic is the fire-type starter that evolves to Combusken and then Blaziken as its final form.

Blaziken is one of the most favorite level three evolution in the game, and also one of the strongest birds in the entire Pokemon world. Excluding the Legendary Birds in Pokemon, Blaziken is one of the strongest regular-type that is blessed with a unique fire and fighting-style.

Where and How to Catch Blaziken in 'Pokemon: Sword & Shield The Crown Tundra' (Location Guide)

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According to Screen Rant, Blaziken came with the recently released "Crown Tundra" expansion pack for the "Pokemon: Sword & Shield" title for Nintendo Switch. The expansion pack is only more than a week old, released last October 22.

"Pokemon: Sword & Shield Crown Tundra" expansion pack has a new adventure mode which will divert the players to a new career, separate from the main storyline. This is called the "Dynamax Adventures" where players can toggle and choose.

Upon toggling the "Dynamax Adventures" in the Galar Region, players would be given new starters including the likes of Blaziken, Swampert and Sceptile, the level three evolutions of the starters from the "Pokemon Ruby" version.

The game mode will give off a random starter Pokemon that would choose between the three. Users would not be able to choose between the three Pokemons unlike the beginning of a game in all of the franchise. This reason is brought by the fact that this is from a Downloadable Content or DLC.

Players would only need to reset the game until the starter rental, Blaziken, appears and is given by the game.

Will Blaziken be Kept After Obtaining?

Pokemon Sword & Shield
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Blaziken can be kept by players and make it appear as theirs in the "Crown Tundra" expansion pack, even without continuing or finishing the "Dynamax Adventures." The only thing to do to keep Blaziken or any of Hoenn region's starters is to lose on the first match after the acquisition.

This method would let players keep Blaziken as the starter permanent, to bring along and take care of during the extent of the game. "Pokemon: Sword & Shield, The Crown Tundra", is now available on Nintendo's website as a DLC.

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